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How To Make Her Crave To Give Your Manhood A Mouth Hug You Won’t Forget

“A blowjob isn’t a job. It’s a pleasurable experience. They should call it mouth hugs instead…” Make your lover crave to give you more and more mouth hugs with The Blowjob Secret.

Does your woman like to go down on you?

And if you’re still single, how would you like to have a woman crave (even fantasize about) putting you inside her warm, wet mouth?

You have to remember that a lot of women are anxious about whether they’re doing the right thing when it comes to pleasing their man.

That means she might not be so adventurous or aggressive when it comes to giving you head.

She doesn’t know whether you like that kind of experience.

And if she does (because you keep asking for it), she may not be confident enough in herself to be able to get you off with her lips, tongue and mouth.

I received an email from a reader about this. Check out what he said along with my reply below.


“Dear Suz. Before we were married we had sex. One time she started going down on me just for a short time and then after we married. I asked her to kiss on it for me and she did it for like 1 minute. After that she says she didn’t like doing it. She is on anxiety meds now and it makes things worse.

She gets horny after about 50 days. So at least 6 times a year we get rocking; for all the rest… I have to beg for quickies or masturbate.”

—Johnson (not his real name)



She just doesn’t know what to do.

Not all women are experts at giving head straight off the bat.

And even if she did have experience blowing a past lover, it doesn’t mean she’s confident enough in her own skills to be able to do it to you.

A lot of women get anxious about whether she’s pleasing you the right way.

Don’t make her guess.

Check out Sloane’s book, The Blow Job Secret.

It will teach you how to get her to LOVE (and even fantasize about) going down on you.

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You will never be able to guess what the “3 Little Licks Trick” in Sloane’s book is:

“The Blow Job Secret.” Discover The Secret That Makes ANY Woman Want To Put You In Her Mouth Tonight

The Blow Job Secret

If you want to experience this level of action on your johnson, it helps to know everything Sloane explains, including:

How to get her to want to enjoy your member, in one way or another (appreciate, play, lick, suck), every day for the rest of your life.

Are you snorting indignantly and thinking to yourself, “I could never get MY partner to ever do that!”

That’s called a “defeatist attitude.”

You’re screwed before you even try – so of course you won’t get any cock appreciation – because you don’t know how to create it in your relationship.

You don’t know The Blow Job Secret… yet.

So no one can blame you for not believing that it’s possible to get all the oral pleasure you want.

For the first time ever, you can use The Blow Job Secret to get more head in the next week than you’ve gotten in the last month…

Sloane didn’t hold back anything and wrote 3 more reports she’s including as bonuses. Get this:

– Blow Job Sex Positions

– Deep Throating

– And another Report I can’t write the name of in an email.

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If you want the Fellatio Secret that “inspires her” to shyly reach down and hold you in her hand, bend over and kiss your tip with her sweet little lips and give you a couple of laps, licks and sucks… and think the whole thing was HER idea, then go here now.

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2 Responses

  1. My girlfriend uses to like to suck me off after we have got back together this time and now now she want suck me anymore I can’t hardly even get her to play with it anymore what can I do I even eaten her pussy and that even didn’t help none

    1. Jimmy,
      I’d ask her what’s changed. Perhaps in the beginning she was trying to please you by giving you oral but didn’t really enjoy it herself? That’s my best guess. But only she can tell you.

      Now that you’ve broken up and gotten back together I think she may not be as excited by you or wanting to please you.

      I’d suggest you get this Relationship Magic workbook and do the exercise in the book with her. Try and figure out how to meet her top relationship needs. And tell her yours… which could for example include “enthusiasm in the bedroom.”

      Secondly, just because you give her oral doesn’t mean she is going to “owe you” oral back. That is not how sex works.

      What you both need to understand is that fellatio (sucking you off) can actually be as pleasurable for her as it is for you. But she is likely not wanting to do all that work to make you ejaculate.

      Perhaps you can use some of the techniques like, “3 Little Licks” outlined in Sloane’s excellent book, The Blow Job Secret, to teach her how to love sucking you.


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