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How To Pleasure Your Woman With Your Manly Hands

How To Pleasure Your Woman With Your Manly Hands

Guys, what do you do if your hands are “too manly” as a result of your work or hobby, and you’re worried they might not “feel good” when you’re pleasuring your lover’s velvety smoothness?

And ladies, this goes out to you as well… if your man’s hands are too “rough and tough” for your delicate lady parts.

Check out this email I received from a female reader who loves the idea of having her man pleasure her with his manly hands… yet a little weary it might be “too manly.”

Here’s what she said (and my response) below.

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“I just purchased Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and am very excited!

But one question: as an adult with ADHD I get very overstimulated quickly with physical touch (think how a cat will suddenly turn and swat at you while you pet it).

My husband has super super rough dry hands from working in construction (and he doesn’t really want to put lotion to soften his hands as it affects his grip he says) – is it okay for him to wear non latex gloves while we experiment with expanded orgasm?

Otherwise I really don’t think I can deal with his touch on my lady parts (even with lube).


—Melanie (not her real name)


Dear Melanie,

You’re spot on with non-latex gloves!

Also, when he’s got non-latex gloves on, have him use organic oil when he’s putting his fingers on and inside your genitals.

You can have Expanded Orgasm dates, erotic massages and the G-Area stroking that encourages most women’s bodies to ejaculate.

I’ve personally tested this myself and the gloves actually feel really nice and smooth on delicate vaginal tissue.

If I didn’t know they were there, I wouldn’t be able to tell from the feel.

A woman can relax knowing she isn’t going to get scratched or have any bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections from her man’s hands that might carry germs, or too rough and tough from working so damn hard to bring home the bacon.

If you’re worried it’s not “romantic,” I can tell you that a masterful lover with trained stroking techniques like we teach in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and Female Liquid Orgasm will thrill you so much you’ll put a dispenser next to the bedside table!

I suggest non-latex gloves because so many women are allergic to latex.

You can try both, if you’re not allergic, and see which feels better for you.

By the second or third time he wears gloves, it will become second nature.

So go ahead and get your lover’s hands nice and lubed up so you can start having some expanded orgasms.

Let me know how it goes.

Put The Gloves On.

*Even when you’re doing the delicate strokes of a DO date directly on her clitoris, up under the hood, she won’t be able to tell the gloves are on. They really feel good!

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  1. In response to your article about using non-latex gloves to cover up working man’s hands that are too rough to touch and stroke delicate genital skin areas. I am one of those men and I use gloves made of nitrile. Nitrile is non-latex, resistant to most oils and other chemicals and just as heat and dexterity positive as a glove can be. I’ve also learned an additional “trick” to share with anyone wiling to gloves for a smoother intimate experience. These gloves were designed to give surgeons who need to wear them some gripping ability that is required for the precise work that they perform. BUT….if you take these same gloves and turn them inside-out….you expose and even smoother and softer surface than right side out!! Please try it for yourselves. You will see what I mean by this. It is glove nirvana.

    • Jim,
      Thank you so much for the inside out trick!

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