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How To End A Sexual Dry Spell In A Relationship

A reader emailed me about his troubled sex life.

He hasn’t made love to his wife for over 2 years.

If you sense a deeper problem like alcoholism, addiction, a troubled past, and the like — tackle that first before insisting on sex.

However, if you feel that your sex life is down (or in some cases, non-existent) just because you and your wife just got too busy with life and work, or you both lost that “honeymoon high” desire, or you just don’t know what to do to turn her on…

Revive Her Drive is a godsend for you.

Here’s an email from a reader about his 2-year sexual drought…



“Hi Susan, I really enjoy your emails. They’re very interesting.

I have been married for 47 years and haven’t had sex with my wife for at least two years.

I gave up for it just caused tension and fights in our marriage.

I want a sex life for I still have desires and have not strayed so far.

It is painful for her and she has lost all interest in sex.

Is there any saving this situation? I don’t want to live the next 20 years without a sex life.

I do love my wife i guess that is why I am still here.

If you have any suggestions I am open for I don’t have any answers.

Thank you for listening I do appreciate it.”

James (not his real name)


Hi James,

Of course you love your wife.

I think you should try to get to the root of your wife’s lack of desire for sex with you.

Because the only other alternatives are cheat, have sex with prostitutes, open your marriage or divorce her.

And those all SUCK.

Buy my program, Revive Her Drive (and the Coaching Mastery Series which gets further into removing your wife’s limiting beliefs) and listen to all the audios and read the little ebooks.

Then email me back and tell me what your game plan is once you understand the concept of the four elements of revival — the steps back to sex with your wife.

I’ll help you craft your strategy. This is noble work because you will be leading her back to her pleasure potential.

This strategy has saved countless marriages and it’s likely going to work for you too.

And if it doesn’t you’ll know you tried and you can go with one of the above alternatives or know that you’ve chosen to stay in a sexless marriage out of love…

But I truly believe you MUST try and there is an excellent chance of you saving your marriage.

Read these stories.

But don’t buy from that website as it’s full price.

Use this link to get our most substantial discount

Look forward to you circling back with your “Save Your Sex Life AND HERS!” Plan.

Taking action is going to immediately make you feel more in control and more hopeful.


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