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How To Know If She’s Faking Her Orgasm

How To Know If She’s Faking Her Orgasm

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I often get asked by men if women are really able to fake an orgasm.

If you have to ask or aren’t entirely sure, you need to work on your lover’s communication.

You’re worried because you and your partner are probably not completely open with one another in giving and responding to feedback and working together to improve your relationship and sex life.

Here’s what a reader said (and my response) below:

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“Hello, Susan. Last time, I took your advice on helping my girl get over her past sexual experiences and not being too judgemental or picky.

I guess I got caught up in my insecurities, and it turns out it helped not only me but empowered her to resolve some old pent-up emotions.

I always had this one question — I know women can have different types of orgasms, but still… 

How can you tell if she’s faking it? 

I assume when a woman has an orgasm, her vagina/whole body has little spasms. She’s going to tighten up and clench the muscles in her pelvis. It’s an involuntary response —  it can’t be faked, right?”


Glad things are working out.

Female orgasm response is such that you cannot tell with certainty whether a woman has had an orgasm or not.

There are all kinds of orgasms and orgasmic responses, from moaning to contractions to flushing to externally imperceptible reactions.

The only way to know for sure is for her to tell you.

As a man, creating a level of trust that makes it safe for her to tell you the truth is key to getting better at knowing when she’s had an orgasm and when she hasn’t.

Agree that it’s okay if you haven’t given her one and keep working on it together.

Orgasm is a couples project.

So what you should do right now is download my book, Sexual Soulmates, and read chapter 4. 

It’s about creating agreements and feedback loops, which are ways to make a “safe place” to communicate any feedback, concerns, questions, complaints, or violent reactions without the other one feeling they’ve done wrong. 

I will show you how to do that in the book. 

And once you establish that “safe place” with your lover, you can give her all the orgasms she wants and keep her coming. This time you’ll be sure she’s not faking it.

Sexual Soulmates ⇐ Read Chapter 4: The Sexual Soulmate Pact (About Agreements, Feedback Loop and Polarity)

Keep Her Coming ⇐ Give Her Multiple Orgasms

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