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Cuckolding: Why Men Fantasize About Other Men Having Sex With Their Wives

I’m inviting you to discover an erotic situation so culturally unusual, it might put you on edge.

Is this a sexual fantasy of yours?

How would you feel if your wife had sexual relationships with another man? Or if you’re a woman, have you ever fantasized about being with another man and your husband at the same time?

I’m not talking about cheating.

In this interview with Dr. Valeria Chuba, we discuss her new research into cuckolding, hot wives, hot husbands, bulls and BBC…

Cuckolding is one of the top search terms in porn today. A LOT of men and women are turned on by introducing a third person into their sex lives.

In various scenes that play out much like sexual fantasy, the husband and wife both consent to let the woman receive sexual pleasure from a third party… another man.

Behind closed-doors, a small and growing group of couples are engaging in an erotic level of sexual fantasy fulfillment.

Only it’s no fantasy. It’s not pornography. It’s not adultery.

I’m talking about cuckolding. This is not for everyone, but in Dr. Chuba’s recent study among hundreds of men and women, she shows a surprising rise in interest and popularity with cuckolding and its associated scenarios.

The surprising part, is that many of the men and women who practice this kind of consensual non-monogamous activity are adults, 35 to 55-years old, college-educated, equally conservative and liberal, financially stable, and have been together for 4 years or longer.

So it’s not a “mistake” or a fad by the young, stupid or reckless.

It’s a real sexual phenomena that has roots in man’s innermost sexual desires.

Over the years I’ve gotten a LOT of emails from men asking if they are “weird” to want to see their wife or girlfriend with another man. Many men fantasize about their wife being pleasured in this way and it’s more normal than you might think.

What’s the deal here?

Why do some men find it erotic to enjoy having other men pleasure their wives sexually?

Why are women allowing themselves to be touched, kissed, penetrated and worshipped by another man in the bedroom?

Watch this video of my interview with Valeria Chuba, PHD, MS and ACS, board-certified clinical sexologist and certified sex expert.

In this video we talk about cuckolding, as well as:

  • Why men enjoy their wives participating in sex with another (and even enjoying being able to watch her make love to another man…)
  • Why women are opening themselves up and allowing themselves to be sexually-pleasured by another man other than her husband or boyfriend…
  • The many intricate “levels” of cuckolding (and the MUST-DOs before any kind of cuckolding agreement is even considered…)
  • How to introduce this fantasy idea to your lover if you’re interested in experiencing it (and how to make HER excited to do it as well…)
  • The risks of having any type of consensual non-monogamous adventure (and the benefits that could possibly outweigh the risks…)
  • And soooo much more…;)

Watch the video about how to have safe group sex in many variations with Valeria Chuba right here.

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Dare To Be Naughty,

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8 Responses

  1. I can’t properly put into words how intense it feels, She claimed her rights to explore and define her complete sexual independance, something she missed in her youth. Now she flaunts her newly discovered diverse needs and holds them up for me constantly as if a prize!

    I thought I would be involved in a mutual discovery situation but instead she has completely expanded her personal boundaries and owns it for herself. She isn’t looking back.

    I’m in for the ride, especially when she is secretly but obviously involved sexually and emotionally outside our marrage.

    When I asked her why she cheats on me, my wife said to me, “Because I love you and I always will.”

    I know that what she is said is true. I feel it deeply. Even on the night she said she would be moving in with her new lover and wanted me to remain completely true to her.

    Yes. I’m unreservedly committed and devoted to her complete happiness.

  2. Hello. I am 52 years old, and my wife is 43. We have been together for 18 years. I have recently developed a medical condition that makes getting and maintaining an erection suitable for sex practically impossible. I do perform oral sex for her, but I worry that eventually she will feel deprived of actual intercourse. I do not want my wife to leave our marriage. But I also don’t want her “miss out” while she is still young and then have regrets later in life. I know that there are some husbands that actually encourage their wives find other sexual partners. Until recently, I never really considered the notion of my wife having sex with another person. But given the circumstances, I believe any expectation of her living celibate for the next 10, 20, or 30 years would be unfair. I am only the second man that my wife has ever been with. I want her to feel free to have a lover(s) if she chooses. I now consider the idea of my wife finding sexual pleasure in the arms of another to be a real option for her, if that’s what she chooses. If my wife needs more sexually than I am now able to give her, I truly want her desires to be satisfied. I have told my wife about my feelings and concerns, and that I want her “to feel free to do as she pleases, with whom ever she pleases, if and when ever she pleases”. My wife comes from a very conservative and religious upbringing, I’m pretty sure she thinks that I have lost my grip on reality. She says that she is not interested in sex with anyone else. I love her very much, and I do appreciate her marriage vow. It’s just that the thought of her later regretting her choice saddens me.

  3. If I’m not enough, then we need to make me enough. I suppose that’s based partially in deep feelings of inadequacy. If that’s part of “growing up” -as some of my partners have said-then I’m (she’s) not with the right partner. I’m not talking about the occasional fling with two or more partners (ffm)-where there is no commitment-but a monogamous relationship.

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