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How To Bring Out Her Inner Sexual Potential

Sex is a biological imperative. Phenomenal sex is a blessing. Ignite the fire of passion in your relationship. Read on to learn more about religion and sexuality.

Let me ask you something.

Do you or your partner believe sex is “sinful?”

I’m talking about hot, steamy sheet-ripping, body-shaking, wild-screaming lovemaking. Not just the procreation kind.

Many men and women I’ve worked with have been told that sex is wrong, sinful, or just for making babies. Maybe your partner’s been affected by sexual shame?

This misinformation and emotional abuse lead to a lot of squandered intimacy.

Withholding yourselves from expressing your sexual desires and unleashing your “inner animals” can take its toll on your relationship. 

I just received an email from a reader whose partner believes that having steamy, hot sex in the normal ol’ missionary position should be frowned upon.

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Here’s what he said in his email: 



“Hi Susan

My new wife of two years was brought up in a very religious upbringing and told me that sex is sinful and is only for making babies.

Is there anything that can change her mind? 

My late wife and I had a very satisfying and enjoyable sex life, and now I sure miss it.”

Russell (Not his real name)


If you’re in the same situation as Russell, let me give you the same advice I gave him. 

Overcoming negative religious programming is a tough one.

You have to get on it IMMEDIATELY. 

Do not wait. 


It will probably take years to heal, and you have no time to lose.

I suggest you subscribe to both Revive Her Drive and the Revive Her Drive Mastery Coaching modules to understand how to change her limiting beliefs and open her to her sexual potential. 

I deal directly with how to overcome religious, sexual shame in the Mastery Coaching modules that you get each month in addition to Revive Her Drive. You will need BOTH if your partner has been abused, shamed, or in any way shut down sexually.

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Don’t try figuring it out yourself. It took me years to put together this 4-step solution. 

Let me know how it goes. 

It’s difficult to “reprogram” and “re-educate” a partner, especially if the problem runs deep, something that has been ingrained in their brains since childhood. However, if you truly love them and want them to somehow “see the light,” you’ll have to put in some time and effort. Show them that you DO care and you’re not going to give up on them. 

The Four Steps To Revive Your Partner’s Sex Drive (Especially If They’ve Been Repressed)

religion and sexuality

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  1. Thanks so much for this timely program Susan because my girlfriend fiancé is a very spiritual woman but I’m not sure yet if it has caused any sort of sexual reposition in her or not but this has put me on the front foot to ask her and delve deeper into what makes her tick

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