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Orgasmic Abundance Clitoral Stroking Technique

An expanded orgasm is like a wine glass growing to the size of a coliseum, and the Pinot Noir flooding in as the glass continues to expand. Give ANY woman her first Expanded Orgasm tonight. Read on to learn more about clitoral stroking.

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you’ve probably heard me recommend the Expanded Orgasm clitoral stroking technique.

What is an Expanded Orgasm? 

And why give a lover an Expanded Orgasm? How is it different from regular orgasms?

Well, let me tell you. 

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First, let’s talk about the different orgasms women can have before we step into Expanded Orgasms. 

There are single climax orgasms, multiple orgasms where one climax comes after the other, and expanded orgasms in which she stays in the orgasmic experience for longer.

Women can achieve clitoral orgasms, g-spot/g-area orgasms, cervical orgasms, orgasms from perineal stimulation through the rectum or vaginal wall, orgasms from kissing and fellatio, and breast and nipple play. There are also wholly mentally-driven orgasms. For example, a woman might play with her guy’s penis, making her come.

Multiple orgasms, of course, mean having multiple regular orgasms. 

After her first orgasm, she experiences another orgasm, another, and another. There is a refractory period between them, and they are distinctly separate orgasms.

Expanded Orgasms, on the other hand, are lightyears ahead of the rest. 

Expanded Orgasms are regular orgasms that continue pulsating and “expanding” both the period and the intensity of her pleasure instead of ending. (And yes, there is Expanded Orgasm for men, and they are giving through unique hand jobs.)

Imagine a woman as an elegant wine glass. Giving her pleasure is similar to filling it up with some fine Pinot Noir. When the glass gets full, she experiences a regular orgasm.

An Expanded Orgasm is when the wine glass grows to the size of a coliseum, and the Pinot Noir floods in as the glass continues to expand. 

A woman’s entire body feels like it’s pulsating with orgasmic energy as pleasure moves from one part of her body to another non-stop. 

During an Expanded Orgasm, a woman may experience orgasms from her clitoris, g-area or cervix, or any other erogenous zone (or all of them at once). 

She may also have multiple orgasms, extended orgasms, and even multiple extended orgasms.

This is the beauty of a woman’s orgasmic glass ceiling… you can smash right through it and reach levels she’s never experienced. 

And you can keep expanding and expanding her pleasure potential each time you make love to her. 

You give a woman an Expanded Orgasm by doing a simple series of strokes. These strokes are very soft, and you can keep delivering the sensation right on “her spot” so she can keep coming and coming.

The Expanded Orgasm stroke pattern prevents clitoral fatigue and allows you to hold her on an orgasmic plateau. 

It’s like stretching time… You’re stroking. She’s coming. You keep stroking. She keeps coming.

Tim and I have been practicing the Expanded Orgasm for over a dozen years, and we keep getting better at it.

The thing is, it takes practice to get your woman to this level of orgasmic pleasure. 

However, Dr. Patti has made it incredibly easy for any lover to be able to give this ultimate pleasure to a woman. 

She broke the practice and the stroke patterns down into 21 Erotic Play Dates you do together.

Or you can watch the ten video tutorials and get your hands on her immediately and start stroking.

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All women can experience an orgasm. It’s a fact.

However, the path to one woman’s orgasm isn’t always the same as other women’s.

It may even take some time to “train” her body to let go and finally explode into orgasmic rapture. 

That’s why Dr. Patti goes deep into easing a woman into orgasms the RIGHT way and not the senseless ravaging you see on porn.

Her 21 Erotic Play Dates will ease your partner into her orgasmic potential. And the Expanded Orgasm strokes may be the exact thing she’s always needed to have reliable orgasms.

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