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What To Do If He Is Not Sexually Attracted To You

It sucks to be led on.

When someone special to you lets you feel like there’s “something there,” the hope that something beautiful will arise pulls us in.

However, there are times when the other person just doesn’t have any intention of inviting love and intimacy into their lives… and they just “lead you on.”

Be quick to notice these things and walk away.

I received a question about this recently, and here’s what I said to her.



“Hi, I have a big question. What does it mean when a man says that our chemistry does not encounter about sex? Otherwise he is interested in me. This drives me to tears and despair …. is there any hope ??”


I can only guess what he means.

And I think it means he doesn’t find you sexually desirable.

I suggest you consider putting your attention elsewhere and looking for a man who truly finds your “chemistry” or attraction appealing.

Don’t cry. Just move on.

Sometimes walking away makes a guy realize he likes you more than he thought.

So distancing yourself from him will be a good test. If he comes back, you have a chance. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

There are plenty of good men out there.

Don’t settle.

I have some wonderful advice planned over the week on how you can find love in all the right places.

You’ll discover how you can just walk in a room full of people and have dashing, dreamy men fawning all over you (as if you had a hypnotizing presence), and have them absolutely DEVOTED to you.

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