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Can She FAKE A Squirting Orgasm?

I received an email some time ago from a lovely lady about squirting. 

She and her female lover were wondering if it were possible to fake a squirting orgasm.

I go much deeper about this in my FREE book on The Truth And Myths About Female Ejaculation.

You can also watch a video of my girlfriend Ripple squirting and getting the cameraman who shot the video soaking wet. CAUTION: The video is Not Safe For Work! Watch it with your lover or in private.

Here’s the email I got from one of my readers…


“Hi Susan,
It’s been a while since I have written to you. I’ll keep it short. Is it possible for a woman to fake a squirting orgasm? My lady Cris claims she faked it. What I think happened was she squirted without an orgasm?!? We have off-the-chart mind-blowing sessions. We have discovered that dom and sub work well for us. I, the dom, much enjoy artfully tying her up. She gets into the way it makes her feel beautiful.”
—Erika (Not her real name)


I’ll tell you exactly what I told her.

Ejaculation and orgasm are separate systems.

Sometimes they coincide, and sometimes they don’t.

I doubt she “faked” it, but it could have felt like it wasn’t an actual orgasmic contraction. 

Again, I go into more detail about this in The Truth And Myths About Female Ejaculation.

If you want to discover how you can be a maestro at making a woman come buckets of warm love juices, download my book for FREE today.

fake orgasm

Here’s the sample video of Ripple squirting like a fountain (it’s explicit! Not Safe For Work) and getting us all wet. OMG.

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