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How To Attract Younger Women

How To Attract Younger Women

Have you seen those pictures of older dating younger women?

Have you seen those pictures of older men with much younger women?

Jealous folks say that can never happen in real life.

Well, below is proof that it DOES happen.

I received an email from a 75-year-old male reader asking how he can escalate his steamy relationship with his 36-year-old lover. My reply to him follows below.

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I have enjoyed your emails, advice, and comments.

It was good timing for me as my wife walked out on me last year. I am 72 and I have a 36-year-old woman living with me. When I say living, I mean living….. she has her own bedroom and I have mine….. and we support each other in lots of ways including a trip to bed about once a month! May I say here that she was not the reason my wife left me…. this has just happened by accident.

I am falling in love with this lovely young person….. She has a gorgeous body which makes being with her naked a completely amazing experience and I do all I can to keep her satisfied……

Problem is she doesn’t like or will not let me do some sexy things to her and will only let me touch her chest occasionally. She is a very private person……. I know she likes our once-a-month encounters but my question to you is how should I progress this for both of our benefits?

Best regards,

Ben (not real name)”


Rock on, man! A 36-year-old lover! You lucky bastard.

To open her to experiencing more pleasure all over her body, you have to start small.

Try giving her a non-sexual neck and shoulder massage, and when you’ve done that a few times, ask her if she’d allow you to also touch the front of her chest — to start just her clavicle and sternum.

As you earn her trust, keep offering tiny little bits more of sensation to wider zones of her body.

At the same time as you’re expanding over additional sessions, also tell her how beautiful her body is to you. Admire her breasts as part of the appreciation.

What you’re doing is oh, so slowly opening her to pleasure through very small incremental positive experiences.

When she allows you to touch her breasts, you can begin, at a separate time, to tell her how beautiful her naked body is to you. Explain how much you love the taste of a woman and how much it turns you on to feel her in your mouth.

Don’t take any action at this time; just let that sink in.

Over time you can touch the more private and intimate parts of her body, and then show and tell her how good she feels.

Perhaps you can get her to look at her beautiful body with a mirror and you can show her what you see and how beautiful it is.

Over time, you can give her warm avocado oil massages without trying to make love. Once you have her vulva engorged and turned on, you can talk her through what it’s like for you when you think about performing oral. Do it in an honoring way as you’re massaging her vulva. This may turn her on so much that at some point she will be let you have, “three little licks.”

The main point here is to start small and work your way up over time.

It’s important to understand how libido and arousal work in our bodies. Here’s a NEW video I did all about it.

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If you want the exact formula for making these small offers that get a yes, read or listen to the audiobook version of The Seduction Trilogy.

Since you only have one chance a month. And because you’ve done so well learning from me, I highly encourage you to treat yourself to The Seduction Trilogy.

You’ll have her grinding her lovely body on you a lot faster if you actually invest the small amount for these three ebooks and audiobooks and get READY for your next date with the 36-year old beauty!

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Let me know how it goes.

Susan Bratton, “Trusted Hot Sex Advisor To Millions” of lovers who crave lifelong intimacy and passion. As the Dear Abby of Sex, she has helped create and revive countless sex lives with her bestselling books and programs such as Relationship Magic, Sexual Soulmates, The Passion Patch, Revive Her Drive and her Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

We’ve proven that older men can go on dating younger women and STILL have relationships despite their age. This lucky man has it going on!

Age is just a number. Age is relative.

It can either be a roadblock to your happiness, or something to brag about.

It’s all in how YOU view it.

As for you…

If you’re worried being a mature man is going to hurt your sex life, think of guys like Clint “Dirty Harry” Eastwood, Harrison “Han Solo” Ford, William “James T. Kirk” Shatner, Alec “Always Be Closing” Baldwin, Sylvester “Rocky Balboa” Stallone, and countless more.

And it’s not just because they’re celebrities (it helps, I’m sure).

Because men just get better (and look hotter) with age.

However, a more potent way to get sex as a mature man is knowing how to seduce her into bed.

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  1. I have found through not havingsex as my wife is cold and frgid and what upsets me is that we were both virgins when we were both virgins when we were married as our wedding night was not very eventfull thats all i ll say I new then I made a major mistake marrying her ! I havent had sexfor over 15 years and i am passionate sexual sessitive man I am afraid of E D SETTING IN as lack of sex is bad I have never been able to masterbate and Zi passed up so many opportunities in my younher life it was said as some cute under classmangrabbedme by the balls and almost wouldnt let go looking me directly inthe eye my religious up bringing was at the reson but I wanted to! I was raised around the farm very strong for my age to when I started having wet dreams at the age of 12 my parents never told me about it ! I hate to say thisbut when I started ejectulating it gushed out i mean it wouldnt stop i could have filled a quart jar almost! I tried to put my them on the penis opening but there was too much coming out if any of the the hot girlsfound outthey would have lined up for B Js i am sure as not near as many ofmy friends even come 1/2 as much now i have three eastern European girls chasing me and I am not surewhat to do all three have model type looks and bodis 9.90 I have never seen a ten although I have worked with a lot of beatifull woman I wouldlove to know the secrets you propose as well as others

  2. I Wish!

  3. Very good advice. My wife of 52 years passed away 9 years ago. She loved and I enjoyed performing oral sex on her. Many times in our life together we would say to each other; would you like a snack? Wonderful sex life. I would like to meet up with a woman in my area of living who would love to meet an older, mature gentleman who would love a snack with an agreeable lady once we feel co fortable with each other.

  4. Way to go Ben, best of luck , I’ve got same problem with my wife of 40 years , I’m taking it slow with her too maybe someday we’ll both get our wish to go down on our beautiful women

  5. Yes, I agree, lucky guy. Also the famous men you listed have a ton o’ cash – both of which help greatly in the very important status dept.
    Thanks for the inspiring example and the good advice regarding his gal.

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