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6 Hard Facts About Masturbation You NEED To Know Now


It’s a topic that is wrought with confusion.

Somewhere down the line, men and women alike received mixed messages about touching their genitals.

We may have been caught giving ourselves pleasure.

Or caught playing doctor with a friend.

Many women have been “scared off” or shamed for masturbating and still feel a wee guilty when they do.

And for men, one of the primary causes of premature ejaculation is fast, furtive masturbation… they’ve trained themselves to “come too fast.”

I’d like to clear up some of the confusion about masturbation for you with a few important facts.

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#6. What’s really great about frequent masturbation is that it keeps genital atrophy at bay. That’s right —your genitals can atrophy in much the same way as your muscles.

If you’ve ever been sick for awhile and unable to workout, or had an injury that resulted in less activity and exercise, you know what it’s like to lose muscle tissue.

Your muscles actually shrink and lose strength. That’s what’s called atrophy.

Your genitals can atrophy, too.

For women, this often means thinning of the vaginal tissue and loss of elasticity.

As they say, “use it or lose it.”  This is especially true for postmenopausal women.

Masturbation keeps your genitals in shape, healthy and happy.

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  1. I think this website is fantastic.I may not buy anything from here but am tempted sometimes.
    if you look & read through some of the tips ideas on here and use them on your partner am sure they will be impressed. my girlfriend is sometimes with the things i do with her. All ideas i found on here from time to time.
    keep it up wont you. LOL

  2. Masturbation has been away to teach my self not to ejaculated to soon. Not the other way around as suggested above. In fact I’v learned that I can orgasm without ejaculation and some times my masturbation sessions are without any ejaculations.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that thanks for that info.Now that I’m not sexually active I do flush my tube at least twice a week.

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