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The Pros And Cons Of “The Quickie”

The Pros And Cons Of “The Quickie”

The Pros and Cons of “The Quickie”

I have never been a fan of “The Quickie.” In truth, I’ve been adamantly opposed to fast sex…

In this video with John Gray, best-selling author of, “Beyond Mars and Venus,” we talk about three kinds of sex: Quickies, Home Cooked and Gourmet sex.

John makes a great case for “The Quickie.”

Watch The 2-Minute Video ==> “The Case for the Quickie”


Quickies require good vaginal lubrication and turgidity. In addition to using a high-quality, chemical-free lubrication like organic avocado oil DURING intercourse, I also recommend you use Julva to keep your vaginal tissue in good health if you have any sensitivities due to hormonal fluctuations or menopause:

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The Quickie is a matter of choice. Listen to what John says are the reasons why he finds Quickies a good idea for some couples sometimes.

Watch The 2-Minute Video ==> “The Case for the Quickie”

PLUS: Get John’s brand new book: Beyond Mars and Venus.


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