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9 Short Sex Advice Videos

Relationship skills for today’s complex world…

Here are nine short sex advice videos… one or more might catch your fancy.

9 Short Sex Advice Answers <== Watch One or All

expert dialogs playlist


John Gray, the New York Times best-selling author of the Men Are From Mars/Women Are From Venus series…

along with Kira Gould a divorce coach…

Melissa White from the Lucky Bloke condom company…

And Melanie Gorman, who manages the YourTango experts like us…

YourTango Susan bratton


We got together to record answers to pertinent questions about sex, love, and intimacy.

There are some real gems in here.

So if you want multiple perspectives on sleeping with someone new, dealing with powerful women in the bedroom, initiating sex, staying attractive to your wife or any of the other fascinating subjects, click here to watch now.

9 Short Sex Advice Answers <== Watch One or All

beyond mars and venus bookMARS VENUS NEW BOOK

Here’s a link to grab a copy of Beyond Mars Venus.

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