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How To Make Your Woman Have Multiple Orgasms

Here’s how YOU can give your woman multiple, full-body orgasms and keep her coming all night (and all day) long, no matter what your “equipment” is like.

Even the most competent doctors aren’t perfect.

While I trust most of them are great at their job and continue to save lives daily.

There is a small number who sometimes get things wrong.

“Your blogs and emails have been nothing short of amazing. Your newsletter is a blessing for relationships everywhere! As a result, our lovemaking has been over the top. We now find ourselves not only wanting more lovemaking but actually having more. Believe me, my wife’s sexual desires are much stronger now and she is in her mid 50′s. I want more and she wants more.”

— Tom

Case in point, the doctor mentioned in a reader’s email.

However, I’m sharing this with you not because of the doctor’s stupid mistake.

But how could one Personal Life Media reader turn a bad situation (something that usually destroys a man’s sex life LITERALLY!) into something extraordinary?

Here’s what he said:



“Hello, Mrs. Bratton.

I want to ask you if you might have any suggestions concerning the following issue. I was put on a medication that put me on HemoDialysis. I received a kidney transplant, but a senior intern who could assist inadvertently pulled on or cut something he shouldn’t have during the procedure. And now I’m a Starter pistol (JUST BLANKS). My genitalia achieves only a marginal degree of hardness. I still have sensation, just no stick.

I was compensated, the kidney is working fine, and I have even put together a Pleasure (sex kit) consisting of various toys, stimulators, and even a hollow strap-on to compensate for my physical disadvantage. Now I HAVE always been more interested in my partner’s pleasure because, for me, that is my pleasure; hearing my partner… seeing my partner. Having that mind-blowing release pulls my trigger.

How do I bring this issue to light without destroying rapport with a potential partner? I have dealt with most of the aspects of this issue. Any other guy would be walking out of a window, playing semi-truck tag on a major highway, or even gargling bullets. Do you have any ideas?



P.S. In the first video, you mentioned a personal card. Here is a scan of the front and back that I made last night. I would like your opinion (the email address I use for personal communication only). The card is two cards glued together for a more noticeable weight. And the image on the back can be colored. The idea of the two persons holding hands is meant to be suggestive (subliminally). I would appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.”


I love how Arnold compensated for his issues rather than feeling victimized.

His “sexy business card” looks fantastic.

Here’s the advice I gave him about speaking about his condition to prospect dates and lovers without ruining his image as a giver of orgasms.

This might be useful for YOU, especially if you want to expand your orgasm-giving portfolio.

Here’s the thing.

Is this even a problem?

Unless you WANT to have children the natural way someday, and unless you’re looking for a life partner, you can just brush this issue off quickly and turn it into an unfair advantage that will skyrocket your sexual encounters instantly.

You can get untold amounts of pleasure from different women every single day.

When you let a woman know that you’re safe and clean and she can’t get pregnant… she can surrender to the mere thought of bathing in erotic bliss with you.

It can be a complete sexual adventure for you.

You just have to ensure you’re meeting the right woman who’s as adventurous with sex as yourself.

Now on the other side of the coin… if you’re looking for a life partner, you must tell her upfront what she’s getting into.

She might not have kids with you unless you opt for artificial insemination or adoption. 

When you FIND a woman who’s okay with that… you’ve got yourself a keeper. 

Just make sure she’s good Sexual Soulmate material. 

You can do that by downloading my book, the Sexual Soulmate Pact, to know you’re on the same page regarding your intimacy and sexuality.

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Inside, you’ll discover how to make your woman come multiple times!

Just imagine the pleasure she will receive when you find out how to do this today.

There is someone for everyone. Even if you have disabilities or physical issues, don’t give up!  Put yourself out there and be upfront about your situation.

Also, if you think your genitals are “weird,” they are probably COMPLETELY normal. If you have fears about what your genitals look like, you can send me a picture. Many people do that because they think something is “wrong,” They are relieved to find out they are normal.

Click Here To Download The Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ Agreements, Feedback Loop, Giving Each Other Permission, And Sexual Polarity.

Keep Her Coming ⇐ How To Make Your Woman Multi-Orgasmic.


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