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How To Make Sex Hot, Passionate And Exciting Again

Crazy good sex doesn’t happen by chance.

It’s a couples project.

And like any other high-priority project, it requires time and energy to make it happen.

Something as crucial to your happiness as a satisfying love life should not be left up to the shifting sands of your daily schedule. You simply cannot do what most couples do: leave lovemaking in the “whenever we get around to it” category.

Take Faye and Kevin… They are life coaches who’ve been married for 8 years.

Because he loves to play with her, Faye feels like Kevin is her soulmate.

They like to take personal growth workshops together, and they plan their own sexy bedroom “Erotic Playdates” to keep the fun in their relationship.

Just this week they were staying at a beach hotel in California. After an early dinner they took advantage of their sexy hotel room to have their own little tantric sex playdate together.

They did eye-gazing, then sat in the Yab Yum position…


They listened to a guided visualization that lowered their stress and got their bodies connected… and, well, things heated up from there.

Faye and Kevin take turns coming up with ideas for their Erotic Playdates. Their ability to “learn together as beginners” is one of the reasons so many couples rely on them as life coaches.

They are soulmates.

People can tell they’re soulmates.

They feel like soulmates when you’re in their presence.

People are drawn to them, like, “I want what you have… Whatever it is that I feel in my body around you two, is what I want with my partner.”

Faye says the “whatever” people feel is a result of all the experimental play they do in the bedroom.

Want to put the fun back in your bedroom play?

Grab my new book, FREE for a limited time. It’s my Valentine’s gift for you:

Have Some Erotic Playdates<== Download Sexual Soulmates: 6 Essentials for Connected Sex (You may be doing many of them already!)


Erotic Playdates set up an intentional context for you and your lover to explore uncharted sexual territory without the subtle pressure to perform.

It’s all about playing around in your love bubble, that special place for experimentation and discovery.

Inside this free book you will discover:

  • The Key To A Successful Erotic Playdate
  • Erotic Playdate Ideas
  • Why Scheduling An Erotic Playdate Creates Spontaneous Pleasure (Even If You Think Your Partner Would Never Be Open To This)
  • How to make a Soulmate Pact for the best sex ever

Even if you think your partner would never be open to erotic playdates, you can simply scale down your approach, taking into account their current state. They might be frightened or feel performance anxiety. Rather than give up, think back to when the two of you first got together.

That person is still inside there waiting to be coaxed out for some playful fun. You just have to make a “right-sized offer” to get a “Yes!”

Experience Erotic Playdates <== Download Sexual Soulmates: 6 Essentials for Connected Sex (You may be doing many of them already!)

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Stanley and Jackie, and how Stanley was able to get through the “pillow barricade” for some sexy time. Their sex life was dead in the water. But he used 2 simple techniques that slowly got the sexual fires burning again. More details in tomorrow’s email.

To know about all 6 essentials for co-creating sexually-satisfying, heart-connected relationships, click the link below to download my new book for FREE.

Give Erotic Playdates A Try <== Download Sexual Soulmates: 6 Essentials for Connected Sex (You may be doing many of them already!)

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