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How To Spice Things Up For Valentine’s Day

How To Spice Things Up For Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been making love with the same old positions and techniques for years, it gets repetitive and sometimes, dare I say, boring.

Here’s a great way you can spice up your bedroom activities and have his mouth water for YOU, just in time for Vlentine’s.

It’s coming up just around the corner!

Get On The VIP List <=== Get Steamy Sex Ed® In Time For Vlentine’s Day (Don’t Be “Empty-Handed” On V-Day)


A lot of married women struggle to achieve satisfaction…


They are a little bored with the physical intimacy they have with their husband…

They WANT to want him (but she doesn’t want him as much as he wants her)…

Their partner rushes them and is selfish during sex…

They just want something to SPICE up their sex life…

They know if they just got started… they’d be glad they did…

As a married woman, I’ve felt ALL these things at various times in my 25 years with Tim.

Well, Sweetie, I spent the last decade figuring out how to overcome the natural malaise that happens in long term relationships.

And one of the smartest things I’ve ever done is create a video collection of heart-connected lovemaking techniques that any woman can comfortably watch to learn ways to have more pleasure together.

It’s called the “Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection”

This collection of techniques, made for women by women, is the antidote to porn. It’s slow sex. It showcases attractive couples demonstrating conscious lovemaking techniques on pretty sets.

And you can watch it WITH your husband (He needs some new moves too!).

“When I introduced the idea of watching the Steamy videos to my partner, he was very keen.

Since then, we have been having the most phenomenal sex!

Watching subsequent videos together has actually been at his suggestion.  So far we have watched three together.

He has said that he has been astonished that at 50 he could learn new things and experience completely different physical sensations.

After 15 years in a very sexually dysfunctional relationship previously, I am more confident and enjoying the opportunities we are having to explore new sexual experiences together.”


I printed 500 copies of the Steamy DVDs. We’re having a Steamy Sex Ed® Vlentine’s Day Super Sale starting Thursday, February 2nd. The sale runs until February 15th or when we sell out of 500 copies.

We sell out every printing. You are going to want to check out the website, watch the video trailers, and decide for yourself you want this earlier than later so you don’t miss out.

Now you’ll also want to get in on the Early Bird VIP list if you want to get the physical DVDs in time for Valentine’s. It usually takes around a week to ship it around the U.S.

Get On The VIP List <=== Get Steamy Sex Ed® In Time For Vlentine’s Day (Don’t Be “Empty-Handed” On V-Day)

There is a digital download option too if you don’t want DVDs shipped to your home.

Here is a link to get a one-day advanced access to see the trailers and sizzle reels and decide for yourself this is something you want.

Just click here to get on the list for a one-day early access:

Get On The VIP List <=== Get Steamy Sex Ed® In Time For Vlentine’s Day (Don’t Be “Empty-Handed” On V-Day)

Being on the VIP List ensures you’ll get to consider a copy before they are sold out, and in time to have a gift to give your partner this Valentine’s.

These suckers fly off the shelves! It is my single most popular sexual education video series.

So make sure you are on the VIP List for our Steamy Sex Ed® Vlentine’s Day Super SALE so that you don’t miss the opportunity to claim a copy for yourself.

You’ll see when you watch the video samplers how this is the kind of lovemaking we women crave.

A LOT of married women use this to get their husbands to try new orgasm techniques on them…

But even more women use Steamy Sex Ed® to get their men to slow down, give them sensual massages… and do some great foreplay.

Because generally guys RUSH IT and we need to train them to be present and enjoy the whole experience.

I think you’ll love Steamy Sex Ed®.

And if you have any questions, please just reply to me. There is no question too “dumb.”

I live to support your sexual growth and pleasure.

Just click here to get on the list to get a one-day early access:

Get On The VIP List <=== Get Steamy Sex Ed® In Time For Vlentine’s Day (Don’t Be “Empty-Handed” On V-Day)

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