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How To Get Him To Take The Lead In The Bedroom

“How can I get him to take control in the bedroom?”

That fine line between being too sexually aggressive and having enough “masculine sexual leadership” to satisfy her can be navigated when you have a good understanding of how to create, “polarity.”

Women ask me all the time, “How do I get him to take control in the bedroom?”

We want to surrender to our passion.

We want to ride his ride. We want to be thrown up against the wall and kissed. But guys are wary about getting in trouble so they shy away from giving it to us.

But there’s a LOT you can do to create this kind of animal desire no matter if you’re the masculine or the feminine… (scroll down)


Polarity is the magnetic attraction of the masculine for the feminine and vice versa.

When a man knows how to make his lady feel like a sexy woman, the sex gets really hot.

Here are a bunch of ideas in this new video you can learn if you are a guy or you can explain and invite your guy to try if you’re a woman:


Susan Bratton Gives Examples For Creating Magnetic Sex! <=== FREE 3-Minute VIDEO

Great to listen to if you are a man or woman. Women, help your guy know what’s safe to do to you and what your boundaries are so he can really DO you up right!

A lot of men like the woman to take the initiative.

But it’s best if the masculine starts first and lets the feminine follow.

Then over time, she will be comfortable enough to switch roles and take the lead. All in good time. Guys go first.

Then switch.

hot susan

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