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Know The Most Important Things About Her With One Magic Question

“Like an x-ray into her mind.”

Here’s an email from Robert who used the Relationship Magic workbook to save himself a ton of hassle…

Hi Susan,

I followed your advice on the “relationship values.”

You said to engage a girlfriend in a conversation about her relationship values to see if she’s a match.

It’s such an innocent question — “the one magic question — but it  gives a guy a ridiculous edge..

It’s shocking how that one magic question tells you everything about her…

Like an X-ray into her mind.

I need a drama-free relationship.

As soon as I asked her what she valued in a relationship she became unstoppable.

She talked my ear off.  We definitely were NOT on the same page…

It became quite clear to me that she “wasn’t for me.”

Thanks for saving me a lot of time, energy, money, and frustration.

Relationship Magic is da bomb!

And so are you.

Thanks so much for the valuable suggestion.


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One Response

  1. This is cool! I was once, 25 or 30 years ago, alone and looking at relationship ads in the local weekly paper (that long ago!) and One great woman and I had a conversation like that question. We knew before the evening was ovber that we were not a match for serious relationship – but we liked each other a lot. We became lovers, casually (f*ckbuddies we called it!) and had a nice weekly get together for 15 years, until I got married and she found her ideal man.

    So whatever the question, it is great to be honest and communicative!

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