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Navigating Intimacy with a Depressed Partner: How Does Depression Affect Intimacy

If your partner’s having issues enjoying intimate lovemaking with you, this is what you need. 

I just got a sad email from a man whose wife is on antidepressants.

She stays up late and sleeps in. She avoids him by watching TV until he falls asleep. She doesn’t want any intimacy with him. And he feels alone and untouched.

I get this same basic story from men and women worldwide.

If you have a partner who is stressed, anxious, or depressed, I want you to know a couple of things:

1) Depression is as much a body illness as it is an illness of the mind.

2) Illness and poor health significantly reduce libido because…

3) Libido is your life force, vitality, creativity, and zest for life… they are all one and the same.

Try not to take it personally; see below what you can do to help.

You may want to read this article if you need to get your or your partner’s life force flowing again:

Click Here To Read A Short Article ⇐ How Desire Is Affected By Past Disappointments


There’s a world of wisdom in this article… And my best recommendation for slowly getting your partner’s body to respond sensually and intimately again.

And if you or they are ON antidepressants, seriously consider working with a psychotherapist to get to the underlying causes.

Sometimes, it’s a mood spectrum disorder that can be modulated without antidepressants.

Other times, it’s a deep-seated sadness that needs to be coaxed out of your body with the new somatic techniques taking the psychology world by storm.

The first place to start is HERE in this article.

Past Disappointments Killed My Desire And Libido ⇐ Short Article

Understanding Libido, Desire, and Arousal ⇐ Free Arousal Secrets Video From Susan

Libido Desire Arousal Video

Antidepressants and Libido plus the Anti-Anxiety Solution Diet Book ⇐ Mailbag

Healing My Sexuality ⇐ Video Series with Sexual Trauma Healer

how to heal from sexual abuse

And finally, consider beginning an Expanded Orgasm practice. This calming practice you can learn from our online program has three BIG benefits:

  1. Expanded Orgasm takes the pressure off your partner to have sex while helping them want sex.
  1. Expanded Orgasm increases the neurotransmitters and hormones of happiness to help reduce anxiety and depression.
  1. Expanded Orgasm is a deeply grounding and loving experience couples can share to expand their intimacy and reduce rejection.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ Discover This AMAZING Lover’s Practice

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