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5 Ways To IMPRESS A Date (Romance!)

5 Ways To IMPRESS A Date (Romance!)

One of the oldest seduction tricks in the book.

Below are 5 romantic date refinements. If you are a guy looking for a girlfriend or wife, these are VERY powerful.

1. Guide her in.
2. Specific compliments.
3. Penetrating questions.
4. Transport her.
5. Meaningful selfies.

Details below.

In a relationship? Use these for date nights with happy endings.

And single ladies, I’m copying you on this email to the single men because I want to hear your feedback on these seduction strategies. Do you like it when guys go out of their way to find ways to attract you? Or do you feel manipulated? Good thing? Bad thing? Why?

Just remember, don’t shoot the messenger… dudes are doing this kinds stuff like CRAZY to us women, so it’s good to be aware!

And I actually think you will LIKE this next Big Curt Trick because remember, you are always in choice about who you sleep with. And I’ve taken this Big Curt Trick and plussed it up for the guys in five powerful ways to make it better for us girls…

Note:  Here’s Big Curt’s Watch Trick article I sent you recently… about how Big Curt seduces women with his big watch. Scroll Down and read this article first and then come back and check out this Watch Trick.

Here is the BIG CURT DATING STRATEGY: (scroll down)

It’s common knowledge that if you want to move someone’s emotion, you move their body. Whether you are swaying and clapping at a meeting or you’re doing the wave in a stadium, getting a person up on their feet and moving to new locations gets the human body engaged more deeply.

One of the “oldest seduction tricks in the book” is to meet a girl for a date and then take her to a few places in a single day or evening. The more places you go together, the more intimacy you share more quickly.

Here’s another Big Curt Dating Strategy that leverages this universal law of movement and emotion.

What Curt does is invite a date to meet him at a bar on ground floor of his apartment building. They have a drink, then he walks them to another bar. Then to a dinner place. Then for a nightcap back near the girl’s car right back at his apartment building.

And wouldn’t you know it — after a fun night out with Curt the lovely young lady more often than not wants a little bit more Curt. 😉

So I thought I’d plus up Big Curt’s Dating Strategy with a FIVE advanced refinements:

1) Guide her in.

Have her text you when she is close to your first meeting place so you can go outside and meet her and get the door for her as you escort her inside.

Showing up at a place to meet a guy is always nerve-wracking. By going out to get her, you show some sexy masculine leadership that turns women on. It’s just a classy thing to do. (Don’t forget to hold the door for her!!!!)

2) Compliment her specifically.

When she arrives, notice three things you like immediately about her. Then in the first half hour, compliment her on those specifics. Could be her laugh, something clever she said, how beautifully she’s dressed for you…

Strong, confident men are not afraid that complimenting a woman will make them needy sissies. A man who can reflect a woman’s beauty is a treasure.
3) Ask penetrating questions that generate intimacy instead of just babbling on about small talk that doesn’t allow for discovery. (You may want to hold off on a lot of sex questions until your second date… you feel your way with an individual woman.)

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4) Cover her eyes and feed her by hand.

This is really sexy. During dinner, ask if you can cover her eyes and have her taste something really delicious. Lightly cover her eyes with one hand while she opens her mouth and you slip in (with fingers or a utensil) a savory morsel. Have her guess what it is.

This act of covering her eyes is like another venue change — transporting. And you are evoking her sense of taste and smell, which is sensual. And you are in control, she is surrendering to you, which creates that masculine feminine polarity.

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5) Take selfies and send them to her later to remind her how much fun you are together.

During the evening, pose together for a few selfies. The next day, text her the one where she looks the most beautiful and let her know how much you enjoyed being with her.

Photos make meaning. Pictures of you together are very romantic for her. And she can show her girlfriends how sexy her date was.

There you go. Five dating refinements and one major strategy for making the most of meaningful dates.

Hey, life is short. Make every date a memory. Spread love and joy. Increase connection. Do good. Be a good man.

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