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Surrendering To Pleasure With Expanded Orgasm

Open up to discover the delicious double entendre.

Don’t miss the charts that show multiple, vs. expanded orgasms below.


Here’s an email from Daavi in Norway asking about Expanded Orgasm:

“Dear Dr. Patti,

First the good news! After 5 children and almost 20 years of marriage, with your advice about “ Finding Her Spot” inside your Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program I have finally been able to consistently locate my wife’s clitoris!

Thank you for all the advice you have given me over the last 7 years. There were times when I would give up in misery. But you never stopped answering my questions. Here is another…

Do you call your technique Expanded Orgasm just because the clitoral strokes you teach give a woman a really long orgasm or is the meaning more that it is a ‘spiritual practice?’

Your Friend And Devoted Follower,



Dear Daavi,

Good job! Yes, Expanded Orgasm is both a series of very long, ever-increasing in intensity orgasms AND it is a spiritual practice a couple does together. You have discovered my double entendre. It is a double meaning and a play on words.

A couple can have DO Dates (what we call the Expanded Orgasm stroking sessions) together for the rest of their lives and it keeps getting better and better feeling.

To better understand exactly what Expanded Orgasms are, I’ll contrast it with other kinds of orgasms.

What is Expanded Orgasm?

Let’s start with “Regular Orgasm”—the type you’re probably most familiar with.

Okay, What is a Regular Orgasm?

Regular Orgasm is the “typical” male orgasm, though most women experience this type of orgasm, too, though it may take longer than it does for a man, and women often like to experience a longer climb with more plateaus.

In Regular Orgasm, the experience is focused in the genitals, ending with a kind of explosion or intense climax with 8 to 10 contractions of the pelvic muscles. These contractions are about a second apart, and are usually intensely pleasurable.

The famous sex researchers from the 60s, Masters and Johnson, described four stages of Regular Orgasm.

These four stages have some interesting names:

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution

Here’s a diagram to help you visualize these phases.

regular orgasm diagram

You can see that the amount (level) of arousal (sexual pleasure and interest) increases with stimulation (time), climbs to a plateau, then climaxes, and finally declines (usually pretty quickly, especially in men).

In the excitement phase, you see signs of arousal starting to happen, like increasing vaginal lubrication – that’s when she starts getting wet! This is when a man becomes hard (engorged). The pleasure can build slowly at first, and then accelerates.

In the plateau phase, you see changes in heart rate and respiration—so that’s where all the breathing intensifies…. The woman becomes engorged (her vaginal lips and those deeper places become swollen with blood. Some men start to “leak” clear somewhat sticky fluid at this point. In Regular Orgasm, the arousal keeps building, reaching a “point of inevitability”—a point of no return….

Then there’s the orgasm phase which is self-explanatory and I’ve already described the typical 8 to 10 second climax. Sometimes (especially if there’s been lots of foreplay and time to build arousal) this kind of climax can seem to fill the whole body with massive and pleasurable release.

And in the resolution phase you have rapid relaxation and a drop in blood pressure, slowing breathing, and other signs of decreasing arousal. The engorgement fades quickly (more quickly, usually for men). People differ in their responses to this phase—some like to cuddle, some prefer quiet time by themselves, or to drift into a reverie or sleep.

Picture a Regular Orgasm like climbing a mountain… you climb, enjoy the peak briefly, and then come down the other side.

Multiple Orgasms and Extended Orgasms

In a Multiple Orgasm, the woman receives genital stimulation, has a Regular Orgasm, mmmm, it feels really good, too! Then, she starts down the other side of the mountain … but not all the way, and then she starts climbing up again. She can then experience another climax, or peak. Yum! She will have two or more peaks and when she is done coming, she’ll return all the way down the other side of the mountain (the resolution phase). Some men can experience Multiple Orgasms, too, but usually when they’re young ‘n horny (though many men can learn Multiple Orgasm with proper training from Jim Benson and his Multi-Orgasmic Lover program).

Here is a diagram of Multiple Orgasm.

Multiple orgasms diagram

Now, in Extended Orgasm when a woman reaches the peak of the experience, she stays there, having a prolonged orgasmic climax. She is literally “hanging out at the edge.” Her moment of climax stretches out in time.

Think of Extended Orgasm as an orgasm in which a woman stays in the over-the-edge state for longer than the typical 8 or 10 seconds.  There may be some fluctuation in intensity and/or sensation… an Extended Orgasm can last for 20 seconds, a minute, or even several minutes.

Now let’s look at a diagram of Extended Orgasm.

Expanded Orgasm diagram II

It’s a little challenging to do Extended Orgasm justice with a diagram. Imagine that plateau wavering, maybe climbing to a new plateau before going “over the edge.”

I’m sure you will agree, these are all wonderful types of orgasm. By the way, you can learn more about these types of orgasm in the video tutorials in my Expand Her Orgasm Tonight! The 21-Day Program for Partners.

OK, I’m Ready to Learn About Expanded Orgasm!

An Expanded Orgasm will often include one (or more) of the above types of orgasms, but… it has both profound and delicious characteristics that go far beyond.

First, in these non-expanded orgasms that I just described, the main dimension is time.

An Expanded Orgasm is an experience that happens in both time and space.  In Expanded Orgasm, you are expanding the pleasure you feel in your genitals into the entire space of your body, through your mind, into the dimension of your emotions, and into the expanding of your awareness.

These mounting feelings of bliss spill out into your partner, into the space around you, and into your very spirit.

In Expanded Orgasm, you have the sense of a cup filling up, and at the very same time, the cup is growing to the size of a coliseum … with energy currents running from head to toe. It’s as if your very body has enlarged enormously, and all of it is filled to spill-over with profound erotic pleasure.

Here is a diagram of Expanded Orgasm:

Expanded Orgasm diagram II

The climbing thick wavy line conveys how arousal keeps getting higher and higher—much higher in fact than in Regular Orgasm. There are many plateaus followed by more climbing. But as I said, Expanded Orgasm happens not only in time, but also in space! The dotted wavy lines are intended to illustrate the Expanded Orgasm experience of expanding way out in space. In Expanded Orgasm you have a sense of not only filling your body with great pleasure, but of making a larger body to fill.

I’d like to give you a sense of what it takes to create these mind blowing orgasms. As your partner stimulates you—puts pleasurable attention on you—you can spread the rising pleasure energy through your body. One way to do this is to breathe it up and through your whole body, as you relax more and more into the feeling. I call this “falling into climbing.” It’s a kind of surrender to pleasure.

You can also learn to spread orgasmic sensations through your emotional being, opening your heart to feelings as they arise, as you relax into them. Not only is this incredibly pleasurable, but it’s a wonderful and powerful way for you to connect with each other.

Your awareness goes very deeply into the richness of the current moment, and then expands to the deepest reaches of the galaxy. In this state, people report moving and profound experiences.

I explain all about how to give and receive Expanded Orgasms in my program, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: 21 Day Program for Partners.

There are 21 couples exercises where you learn various aspects of experiencing this expanded orgasm state.

There are a whole series of videos that show the exact stroke techniques to give a woman this expanded orgasmic pleasure.

There are audio interviews and dialogs where you can listen to stories of expanded orgasmic pleasure.

And there are print-at-home books that guide you through the learning.

This is, at it’s essence, a clitoral stroke method that gives women longer, more pleasurable multiple orgasms.

And who doesn’t want to give and/or receive that!?!

You can get a free report from me called, How Expanded Orgasm Can Take Your Life To The Next Level — And Beyond. How Expanded Orgasm Can Take Cover

Go ahead and download the book and read through it to understand more about this incredible couples practice that lasts for a lifetime of joy and intimacy.


Dr. Patricia Taylor

Creator of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, Seduce Her Tonight, The Seduction Accelerator, Her Sexual Trainer, and the best-selling book, Expanded Orgasm.

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