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21 Sexual Do-IT-at-Home Couples Experiences (Sandbox Dates 2 of 5)

As a couple, Sandbox Dates create the opportunity to freely experiment. If you’re dating, using these Sandbox Dates will set in place a relationship where your sexual foundation is built on learning together.

The #1 reason complaint people have about their sex life is that they get BORED.

Boring, stagnant, dull, lacking, mediocre, mundane, pathetic, disappointing, routine, constrained, “it sucks!” … You get the idea…


We get stuck in safe and predictable sexual experiences for all kinds of reasons.

And now it’s time to get you out of the well-worn pattern you have for getting each other off.

Sandbox Dates are “learning dates” that let you explore uncharted sexual territory without feeling any performance anxiety because hey, you are just learning together.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <=== 21 Sandbox Dates Show You How


I don’t know if you’re aware of my story, but Tim and I almost got divorced and lost everything we’d spent a decade building together because we lost our way sexually with each other.

We went to sex workshops to try to regain our intimacy.

The sex workshops, though EDGY as hell, were incredible for teaching us how to be the kind of lovers where our sex life to this day keeps getting better. We’ve now been together 25 years this year.

We founded Personal Life Media to bring “sex workshops in a box” to singles and couples all over the world.

Dr. Patti created this incredible program, including these 21 Sandbox Dates, so that YOU, no matter where you live, could experience the transformational breakthroughs that Tim and I did — all from the privacy of your own bedroom.


There is a phrase in mindfulness practices called, “The Beginner’s Mind.” Sandbox Dates use the beginner’s mind.

“Shoshin is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning, “beginner’s mind.” It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.”


As the man, you will feel more confidence and vitality at home and at work because you’re not only adding to your skill set, you’ll soon be able to give your woman much more pleasure than ever before. Instead of just asking for sex, you are creating mind-blowing experiences your woman will never forget even if she wanted to.


At the same time, she is going to be flush with vitality and feel like a goddess. She’ll be emotionally more grounded, less stressed and more appreciative of the wonders of her body.

And both of you will have a level of intimacy that will make your friends with their hum drum sex lives envious.

By scheduling these Sandbox Dates, couples get the intimate physical contact they need on a regular basis: for women it is increased variety; for men it is the opportunity to bring her great pleasure, which they both love. And it offers more affection and intimacy for all.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <=== 21 Sandbox Dates Show You How


If you want 21 really fun, done-for-you Sandbox Dates that are not too edgy or overly sexual to try with your partner, get a copy of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: A 21-Day Program for Partners from Dr. Patti Taylor.

The Sandbox Dates inside Expand Her Orgasm Tonight are:

  1. Sharing Favorite Frames
  2. Sandboxes
  3. The Centering Breath (The Grounding Cycle)
  4. The Centering Breath (Short Form)
  5. Entraining Your Being with Your Heart
  6. Red Dot Exercise
  7. Responsible Grounding after the Date
  8. Touching with Feedback
  9. Asking for Changes
  10. Questions to Consider and Discuss
  11. Genital Grounding (grounding at the end of the date)
  12. The Clock Method Process
  13. Breathing Together
  14. Play Stop/Start
  15. Touch for Rapture
  16. The Spreading Breath
  17. The Three Opening Strokes
  18. Touching from Center to Center (Touching All of You with All of Me)
  19. Basic Kinds of Touches
  20. Basic Strokes
  21. Feel Your Thinking/Think Your Feelings

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <=== 21 Sandbox Dates Show You How


The fact that you are reading this email tells me that you are interested. Why not treat yourself to a copy. It’s made for couples or singles. And not only do you learn how to have or be held in an expanded orgasmic blissful experience, you get to learn how over the course of 21 couples experiences.

Just because this is a technique for women to receive incredibly long, luxurious climaxes doesn’t mean that the giver/man gets any less joy and pleasure.

The ability to lead a woman through the experience of Expanded Orgasm is as fulfilling for him as it is for her.  There is a power in giving this much pleasure that is intoxicating to a man.

Here is the link to make your purchase and get started immediately.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <=== 21 Sandbox Dates Show You How


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