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Sexy Options If Partner Has ED

Dildos, Expanded Orgasms, Prostate Play and More

Here is an email from Horny Wife whose husband has ED and her libido is creating frustration. Below are a lot of really sexy ideas that are not only fantastic “work arounds” to ED, they are HOT as can be!

Dear Susan,
Please help me. My husband has ED due to diabetes medications. We have tried Cialis, Viagra, a pump and an injection. Nothing works!! Actually, one of the meds worked once……..we had to pay out of pocket.

This has caused me such sadness and loneliness. Many nights of crying and praying for answers. Many thoughts of infidelity/divorce. Many fantasies and I have a VERY good imagination! Such a CONSTANT longing!!!

I have actually been praying/hoping for menopause, thinking maybe THAT will be the end of my sex drive. Should be soon, since I’m 51. I asked my NP for a med to lower my libido and she LAUGHED, saying there was nothing to help. I am SO tired of this suffering!!

Oral does nothing for me. He will touch me if I ask, but we seldom do that, since I get too aroused and want to be penetrated SO much! Then I get SO sad, not to mention sexually frustrated. Even kissing  just gets me so turned on……so we don’t do THAT much, either. I just get too depressed when he can’t “perform”, so I figure why bother?! Just sucks SO bad……………..

Is there anything I can do? Please help me.
Horny Wife

Dear Horny Wife,

I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s illness and the effect it’s having on your sex life. I have great news for you though! Read on…

If “oral does nothing” for you then I would heartily recommend you two embark on a series of Sandbox Dates where you two learn how to enjoy oral together. It is your opportunity to learn how to enjoy being orally pleasured. Give your guy a chance to learn how and give your body a chance to learn to enjoy it.

You can also learn how to have DO Dates, which are Expanded Orgasm dates. There are 22 really sexy Sandbox Dates inside Dr. Patti’s Expand Her Orgasm Tonight training program for couples.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <== Fingering Techniques for Hours of Orgasms

This fingering or manual stimulation series of strokes can give you literally an hour of incredibly satisfying orgasmic pleasure. He will love making you come in this way. Tim and I have had an Expanded Orgasm practice for over a decade. It’s what keeps my genitals young, engorged and able to have really great sex. And it brings us closer together.

I recommend you have 1- 2 Expanded Orgasm dates each week and 1-2 oral pleasuring practice sessions separately.

Pick up a copy of our Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection the next time we offer it for sale too. There are over 200 lovemaking techniques including multiple videos on oral pleasuring. Have him try all the oral techniques on you and give him feedback on which ones you like that day.

Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection <== Get On The Early Notification List

You’ll find that each time you have sex you’ll want different things. Make sure you communicate to him what you like. Your husband needs to start winning. He must feel so sad too, sweetie. So help him feel great about himself again, please.

Another option is to add in a dildo. Dildos are different than vibrators. A dildo is a simple rubber penis. They come in all sizes and colors. They are used for penetration. Once you’ve learned how to come from oral and Expanded Orgasm stroking, he can give you many orgasms to get you warmed up and engorged and then he can penetrate you with a dildo while he’s kissing you.

You can enjoy a number of dildos from small to giant. If you crave that feeling of being filled up, a big dildo can be marvelous. I’m imagining you with a quiver of dildos to choose from. He can easily wear a strap on harness and make love to you that way. Use lots of lube. You can hold it in you and move it around while he gives you Expanded Orgasms strokes too.

Using a dildo with Expanded Orgasms strokes can be incredibly fulfilling, satisfying and sexy.

And remember, you can give him oral and hand jobs because even if he cannot maintain an erection, it feels really good for his penis to be fondled. He can still orgasm with a soft member. And in addition to oral and manual stimulation, you can add in prostate massage. Put a glove on your hand, get a lot of lube and very, very, VERY slowly work a finger into his anus and rub the roof of his rectum where you’ll feel his prostate. Stroke his penis with one hand while you’re stroking his prostate. Get him to give you a lot of feedback and keep getting better at pleasuring him too.

In the Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection there is a whole section on hand jobs and ass pleasuring for men. Learn how to do it by following along as you watch.

Steamy Sex Ed Video Collection <== We Always Sell Out So Get On The Notification List

Bring the fun back to your sex life. Try some new things. Modify. Experiment. Try role playing with lingerie. Have him tie you up and pleasure you. Consider spanking. Just change your perspective from one of scarcity to one of abundance and write a new chapter into your sex life.

I know you can do this!

Looking forward to your report back on all the amazing sex you are having.

Your sexuality is a gift. Don’t wish it away. It connects you to your life force, your vitality, your creativity and it keeps you close and intimate with your partner. Instead of thinking that penetrative intercourse is the “only” option, explore all of the wonderful variety of sexual pleasure that IS available to you.

And if you still want some man meat, consider having some threesomes with another man AND your husband. Both guys can give you lots of orgasms in lots of ways including through an erection. Threesomes can be extremely fun and erotic. Here’s an audio that Sloane recorded about one of her MFM threesomes. (MFM means Male-Female-Male and means that the two guys are straight and making love to the woman as buddies.)

Empowerment of a Threesome <=== Listen Now

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