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Secret Date List Discovered Behind A Bookcase

12 Date Night Ideas

The cutest thing happened when I was visiting my favorite neighbor, Jane…

She rents out her house when she goes traveling and recently discovered this list of date ideas behind a bookcase in her house.

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Her renters were a cute young couple. Obviously the woman made a list to keep the romance alive in her marriage.

The only thing is, I can’t tell what #12 is. Can you?

If you’re thinking about how to make this your most romantic, sexy, date night ever, maybe something from this list will spark your excitement?

1. Go do dinner at a brand new restaurant.
2. Watch each others’ favorite movie from your childhood.
3. Get your laugh on. Go visit a comedy club.
4. Dance in a dive bar. Listen to some new, young band.
5. Find peace in the Japanese gardens.
6. Visit a bookstore. Pick out a book for each other.
7. Two words… Role Play
8. Build a fire, cuddle up and share secrets.
9. Go to a new bar separately. Have your boyfriend see if he can pick you up and take you home.
10. Visit a tourist destination you haven’t been to yet.
11. Get in the car. Take turns saying, “left,” “right,” or “straight.” See where you end up.
12. ______ a ______ or two or three…

secret date list

WHAT IS #12?

If you can figure out what #12 is, reply to this email and let me know!

If you decide to use one of these ideas for your magical date, please let me know that too.

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