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Orgasmic Cross-Training Video (Engorgement 2 of 4)

orgasm training

Men badly need to be proficient with a woman’s engorgement. And for the ladies? It just makes sex feel so much better. Read on to learn more about orgasm training.

We sent an email a few days ago about what engorgement is (filling the erectile tissue in a woman’s vulva, so she feels more pleasure).

If a woman can only come from her vibrator or struggles to climax, do not miss this video by Susan Bratton, trusted hot sex advisor, and Sheri Winston—sexuality teacher and award-winning author. They describe how a woman can indulge in Orgasmic Cross Training.

Orgasmic Cross-Training Watch Here


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Engorgement is the foundation to feeling incredible pleasure and becoming multi-orgasmic.

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If you want to discover more powerful techniques to bring a woman to orgasm (or if you’re a woman, have your lover bring YOU to intense orgasms, check out Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. This is a simple stroking technique that allows women to be in an orgasmic pleasure state for 30 minutes or more.

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