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How To Have Less Stress And More Sex (Come As You Are 3 Of 5)

A small percentage of humans are wired to want more sex when stressed. But for the large majority, stress is the #1 libido killer. (Poor attachment parenting may be the #2 reason; more later.)

If you feel emotions like worry, anxiety, fear, terror, irritation, annoyance, frustration, anger, rage, emotional numbness, shutdown, depression, or despair, according to Dr. Emily Nagoski’s book,

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then you are stressed.

Uhhh, yeah. Yeah. YEAH!

Here are the best de-stressing mechanisms for most, including one super awesome SHORTCUT you’ll love.

Listen to what Dr. Nagoski says is wrong with the way we are stressed today and why it’s so hard on our bodies and, thus, our sexual potential:

(I’ve paraphrased and condensed Emily’s work here, but I encourage you to click the link below and read her fascinating book.)

1. Our stress is chronic. We don’t take deliberate steps to complete our stress cycles. There’s no clear beginning, middle, and end. So, the tension hangs out inside us, making us sick and tired and unable to experience the pleasure of sex.

2. We have an emotion-dismissing culture. “Suck it up.” “Get over yourself.” “Stiff upper lip.” And all that rot!

3. Our ultra-social human brains are good at self-inhibition, stopping the stress mid-cycle because NOW is not an appropriate time to process your feelings. So they get stuffed stuck, and we are locked into our fear, rage, and despair.

That’s why we MUST build time, space, and strategies for discharging our stress response cycles, says Emily.

HOW? Read on.


Remember, the #1 thing you can do to have more sexual pleasure in your life is to lower your chronic stress. You may want to print out this email and find a way to integrate some or all of the following lists into your everyday life.

And notice that watching TV is not on this list, so don’t give me any crap about not having any time for these:

1. Get moving. Run, dance, walk, rebound, get a real.

“Physical activity is the single most efficient strategy for completing the stress response cycle and recalibrating your nervous system into a calm state. When people say, “Exercise is for stress,” that is for realsie real,” says Emily.

2. Affection. Get the emotional bonding you need to calm yourself down. Seek and receive a soothing touch, especially in the form of my world-famous

“Best Hug In The World.” ⇐ Simple Directions Here

3. Any form of meditation.

Remember just above when I talked about the stress reduction shortcut? Well, that shortcut is a particular audio track you listen to that trains your brain to slip into the Theta brainwave state easily. Your brain, in a stress state, runs Beta brainwaves. When meditating, you are in a Theta state.

There are lots of free mediation apps on the App Store. 

Start listening. Not only will your brain de-stress by slipping into the Theta state more quickly, but the Theta state is also the state of orgasm and sexual rapture. As you de-stress, you train your body to relax into sexual pleasure easily. Yippee! 

4. Yoga. Tai Chi. QiGong 

5. Sleep.

6. Body scans.

7. A good old cry.

8. Primal screaming.

9. Journaling positive ideas.

10. Art.

11. Grooming and other self-care like massage, hot tubs, and infrared saunas.

12. Getting out in any kind of nature.

So, what do you choose? What modalities will you use to move through your stress and arrive in a happy, sound body ready and willing to enjoy your God-given pleasure?

Email me and tell me what changes you’re making, or post a comment on our site and share it with us. 

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