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8 Mistakes Men Make That Turn Women Off FAST (Come As You Are 2 of 5)

In last week’s email about Dr. Emily Nagoski’s book, “Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life,” I explained the four cues a woman’s mind and body use to feel sexual desire.

Those are part of her “accelerator” system.

And you must understand the equally important and opposing side of female sexual desire —her “braking” system.

Here are the eight ways that women’s sexual braking systems are engaged. Knowing these will help you identify what is holding you back or if your partner’s brakes are squealing. You can help her in working through issues affecting your sex life: (scroll down for the list)


1. Body Self-Image

2. Concerns About Her Reputation

3. Founded or Unfounded Mental Worries

4. Unwanted Pregnancy and Contraception Concerns

5. Feeling Desired versus Feeling Used by Partner

6. Feeling “Accepted” by Partner

7. Partner’s Style of Sexual Approach and Timing at Sexual Initiation

8. Negative Mood

Taking responsibility for solving, compromising (in a good way!), or working around issues brings you closer together. Identifying and giving voice to your “braking system” can take your foot off the brake and move you toward more pleasure.

Sometimes, communication is complex when you can’t identify what’s holding your desire back. Knowing this list will help you put your finger on “it” so you can resolve the issue.

And because we women are hormonally-driven creatures, the list may differ daily, depending on what Dr. Nagoski calls “context.”

sexual brakes


As your context or situation and surroundings (including what’s going on inside you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically) change, your reasons for feeling your braking system working change.

Honor yourself (or your lady) and find what roadblocks to pleasure can be navigated around. This will bring you closer.

Take time to explore, and you’ll be richer for it.

Remember to bring a lot of affection to yourself and your partner when gently opening up these conversations.

Next up in this series is what to do about the #1 libido killer.

What is it?

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