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A tool for your tool.

My friend Adam Armstrong makes four smoothie formulas that boost testosterone, burn fat, increase energy, endurance, muscle and sex drive with bioactives and superfoods you just whip up in a morning smoothie.

He sells them all individually. And when Jim Benson and I were putting together the Multi-Orgasmic Lover Workshops I asked Adam if I could combine all four into a single one-click download as a Prize for our live events. He said, yes and I called it the Huge Load Super Pack and combined it with a really cool little smoothie blender called the Nutri-Bullet.

It was such a popular prize and so many people wrote to me asking if they could buy this Super Pack that I got the OK from Adam Armstrong to offer them to you this week.

Tim gets up every morning and makes us both a smoothie from Adam’s formulas. Yes, they are as good for women’s sexual functions as men’s.

By special request… Get your own Huge Load Super Pack. <== 30% Off! This Week

48 year old Peter emailed me and said:

“My sex life has never been better. “Huge Load Smoothies” work great for my workouts. The sex is astonishing, this formula produces such a quantity of semen that ejaculating 2 to 3 times in a 1 hour sex session is possible at my age. Erection quality has improved tremendously and combined with sex muscle exercises, I have total control of my orgasms.


You can get yourself a Nutri-Bullet Blender from or Costco. Or you can just use the blender you have at home.

Cycle through these four ‘Huge Load Formula’ Super Pack’ of superfood Smoothies recipes to:

Boost Testosterone. Burn Fat. Increase Energy, Endurance, Muscle, Sex Drive. And Decrease Stress.

And this week, you can also get “Sex Position Mastery” as a BONUS with your Huge Load Super Pack.

Get your own Huge Load Super Pack. <== 30% Off! This Week

If you want to support your stamina, firmness and semen volume, I have found Huge Load Formulas to be the finest available.

This is healthy. Good for you. Easy to make.

I cannot offer these for long because Adam sells them full price and individually. This is the ONLY place you can get the Huge Load Super Pack. Hurry! Expires soon!

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