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The 2 Kinds Of Prostatic Orgasms For Men (Expires TOMORROW)

“Backyard Bundle” Expires Tomorrow!

The ass has been a long-neglected source of pleasure for men.

The prostate is like a woman’s G-Area. The spongy tissue LOVES stimulation.

You can have TWO kinds of orgasms when including your prostate:

  1. The non-ejaculatory “prostatic” orgasms or
  2. The blended orgasm which includes prostate stimulation PLUS penis stimulation for an incredibly explosive orgasm

Tomorrow the “Exploring The Backyard!” BONUSES for Multi-Orgasmic Lover expire.

• This bonus contains two in-depth videos plus a 30-minute audio on how to enjoy the pleasures of the prostate during sex. Jim breaks it down for you in this bonus so you can have the experience of doubling or tripling the amount of sex energy and pleasure in your body.

The $147 “Backyard Bundle” BONUSES are going away on November 2nd ==> Try Multi-Orgasmic Lover for 2 Months Risk Free


Some guys who start Jim’s program will say, “I’m not feeling anything.” There are a lot of reasons that might be the case, but this particular bonus is like OVERDRIVE for the ME Breath. Based on anecdotal evidence from guys who tell us about the program, this bonus doubles or triples the power of the ME Breath, giving you more intense non-ejaculatory orgasms. If you’re inside your woman, that doubles or triples the intensity for her. WOW!

The Exploring the Backyard bonus contains two in-depth videos plus a 30-minute audio on how to enjoy the pleasures of the prostate during sex.

Again, feedback we get from many guys who’ve gone through the program is that this bundle was one of the keys to get them to become multi-orgasmic.

MOL backyard bundle

Exploring the Backyard $29
Butt Basics $59
Bed, Butt and Beyond $59

The Backyard bundle, with the two videos and audio, is a  $147 value.

This OFFER EXPIRES tomorrow.

The $147 “Backyard Bundle” BONUSES are going away on November 2nd ==> Try Multi-Orgasmic Lover for 2 Months Risk Free

*You have a 60-day money back guarantee. So when you place your order before 11/2/15 you will receive ALL the Workshop Attendee Special Bonuses. All we ask is that you try it. If for any reason it’s not right for you at this time, we will cheerfully and immediately refund your payment.

And all audios, videos and the workbook are being delivered online… it’s not like you have to send anything back if you’re not happy.

So how about we strike a gentlemen’s (and ladies’) agreement right now?

You get Multi-Orgasmic Lover and go through the program.
I mean REALLY go through it.
Get as much out of it as you can.

Watch the four videos –Self-Massage, the PC Pump (you can perfect it for maximum stamina), Pelvic Rocking…

Look, listen… Even if you only double or triple your stamina with the ME Breath, the Pelvic Rocking stroke is going to instantly improve the quality of intercourse for your woman… and what’s it worth to be the best lover she’s ever had plunging perfectly in and out of her velvety softness?

Sexual Breathing –again a lot of you guys have naturally figured out this is a piece of the stamina puzzle, so knowing the sequence and timing is going to rapidly accelerate your ability to last as long as you want.  Then put it all together with the ME Breath video and try it out on your woman or on a date.

Once you and she have experienced it, ask yourself, “Was this worth it?”  If your answer isn’t a resounding, HELL YES, then let me know before the two months is up and I’ll refund you.

So you literally have nothing to lose.

All of the risk is on me and I feel GOOD about that — because I understand:

  • How miserable you feel when your own body lets you down, doesn’t cooperate and can’t be counted on.
  • How much love and affection you miss giving and getting. And I know you love to hold and feel a beautiful woman in your arms as much as we love being held and made love to by you.
  • And that you have every right to be completely skeptical because the whole world of charlatans, insane remedies, big pharma corporations that win when you fail… I mean, who can you trust?

We stand by our program. We’re showing you our faces. We have a zero-risk agreement with you.

So I guess what I’m saying is I don’t expect you to take my word for it that the ME Breath will work for you…

You decide yourself you want this, you’re willing to try this…

There’s no better option out there as far as I can see…

Which is why I’m 100% behind the ME Breath being not just a solution, but the ONLY solution if you want the stamina to have long, erotic sessions of succulent, sweet intercourse…

You want to pleasure your woman in ways you may never have before…

You want to live up to your full potential as a man…

And especially if you have any kind of erectile performance issues you want to end, once and for all, this gut-wrenching sadness that comes from not having a member that will stand up and salute your goddess every time she’s in the mood.

So go ahead and click the button now, place your order and get in there and kick the tires.

Get Instant Access Button

You have 8 weeks. And if you want all your money back with a thank you and a smile, you will get one, and Multi-Orgasmic Lover is still yours to keep, because that’s how sure I am that this integrated ME Breath technique is what will finally shift most of you guys from misery to pure pleasure.

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