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Easiest Lovemaking Position For The ME Breath

Easiest Lovemaking Position For The ME Breath


(Guys, this one is for the women… but I am copying you on it too.)

If your husband, boyfriend or lover has any issues lasting long enough or you are not yet experiencing vaginal orgasms while having intercourse, read this thoroughly.}.

Try “The Mermaid” from the Kama Sutra (picture below) when using the ME Breath.

The ME Breath is the body-rocking movement that men use to last as long as they want during intercourse. It can be done in any sex position.

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The-Mermaid480x480THE MERMAID

This PC muscle squeeze (like a “Kegel”) is done at the same time as he breathes his turn on away from his penis (to delay ejaculation) and lets his body absorb the arousal and dissipate it.

At the same time, he is also rocking his pelvis as he thrusts.

It works “automagically,” like accelerating and braking while driving a car.

Because he learns the timing and sequence as he’s doing the pelvic thrust, it works during the heat of lovemaking the same way it does when he practices solo.

Once he can stop worrying about ejaculating too early during sex he can put his full attention on his woman and really take his pleasure with her.

As she experiences him truly enjoying every moment of making love to her, the pelvic thrust, combined with his presence and attention on loving her with the pleasure he is showing triggers her orgasms like a tuning fork.

She resonates with his sexual turn on. Because we women need to feel sexually irresistible and totally desired by their men.

So you can have your guy do the ME Breath in any position, but to start, depending on your body types and the height of your bed, a good way is him standing at the edge of the bed and you lying on your back with your legs butterflied or up.


When he uses the ME Breath, you can completely relax and just enjoy a long, leisurely lovemaking experience together.


A lot of wives and girlfriends ask me if they can HELP their guy learn the ME Breath.


There is a Workshop Special Offer BONUS that expires shortly called, “Integrating This Program.”


This audio explains all the ways you can give him a hand job and orally pleasure him to increase his speed of success using the ME Breath.

Last night as Tim made love to me in this very position, I was doing the ME Breath along with him if he came close to coming. Don’t do the PC muscle squeeze though, as it might make him come!

When you breathe and spread the sexual energy through your body at the same time he does the ME Breath, it syncopates your heartbeats and spreads your arousal, taking you higher and higher into bliss together.

You can also give him feedback about the pelvic rocking. Men are so tight in their pelvises that the proper rocking technique is hard for guys to get at first. Guide him and coach him through it, even putting your hands on his hip bones and asking him to rock from there without moving his chest.

You’ll see what I mean when you get your copy of Multi-Orgasmic Lover.


You can treat this as a “Couples Project” and learn it together. That will really encourage him to stick with it. Guys #1 thing is giving women incredible pleasure. So really give him incredible positive feedback as he improves.

If your guy is taking Viagra or one of those dick pills to get hard, REALLY encourage him to try the ME Breath. It’s all natural, he just moves his body. Yes, it takes practice, but it can give a guy a new lease on his sex life and yours.

Plus the “thrust” part of the technique, the pelvic rocking… damn, girl that feels AMAZING when he’s inside you.

I’ve searched the world over for this ME Breath and Jim Benson is truly a gifted man with an incredible technique to teach guys.

Email me back if you have any questions because the 57% Off Special Offer is GOING AWAY August 8th, 2016 at midnight.

We gotta get onto other sexy stuff.

So get your copy for you and your man and help him learn the ME Breath.

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  1. I like it

  2. The ME breath has changed my love life for ever. Staying hardas, long as She wants me to, is an amazing turn on for her. I feel so much more connected during our love making sessions.

    • Neal – So happy to hear that! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Hey Jim I am 21 and really really interesting in this program I believe just by watching the live seminars it’s life changing. I was wondering since being so young can I learn this like an older person would and does it take like months to master? I always felt like during self pleasuring I never really felt confident in my control over my body and confident sexually either

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