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Suz And Jim Bloopers Video

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Jim Benson And Susan Bratton Video Bloopers

Monkey Boy, The Godfather and silly out takes.

Hot Cutie and Horny Stud, see Monkey Boy in action, witness my ridiculous Godfather imitation and get a giggle today.


Jim and I have been preparing for the LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS and you’re invited.

Click on the links to  register for any or all of them below. They are zero cost. And we promise they will be FUN!

We’re giving away super neat prizes and answering all your questions.

Women and men are cordially invited.

There will be a replay link emailed after the event when you register. BUT the replay will only be live for 48 hours.

Email us if you have any questions at all.

Please join us!

4 Responses

    1. hi, greeting, to the crew, i am enjoying your work, and technic, please keep me inform,the teaching is great,no one seem to be adle to converse with me in thease areas, thank you,i am about learning new things,bye.

    2. Our program, Multi-Orgasmic Lover for men will show you a physical body movement called, the ME Breath. This is a combination of a PC muscle squeeze, combined with a way of breathing and rocking your pelvis while making love that helps you stay hard. In the program are special exercises for delayed ejaculation (difficulty cumming) as well.

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