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How To Keep The Sex Dirty LIVE! With Tim And Susan Bratton

Watch Us Together Live This Friday August 7th!

In a rare public appearance, Tim will join me for a live online conversation with Gaby and Raj Sundra on their show, “Keep the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty” TV.

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at 1pm Pacific Time to watch live and ask us questions in the chat window.

How To Keep The Sexy Dirty During Sex

  1. What Does Kitty Want? Prrrr!
  2. Masculine Sexual Leadership Creates Surrendered Sex
  3. Getting Her UP with Erotic Escalation
  4. Keeping Her Up with Menus
  5. Orgasm Techniques for Men and Women
  6. Sharing Frames for Post Coital Bliss


Episode 6 Sex Dirty

It would be GREAT to have you join us live. Take a break on Friday and have some fun with us talking about how to make sex extra sexy.

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