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“Lick & Roll” Oral Technique

“Stimulate as many as five locations simultaneously.”

Here’s a cunnilingus technique for your goddess. (Ladies, show your man how to do this to you… it will melt you into the sheets!!!)

Every time I watch one of my Steamy Sex Ed® DVD’s I see a new technique I lust after.

Yesterday I was watching the ‘Optimizing Oral Pleasure’ module and this technique made me rub my thighs together in anticipation. . .

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Steamy Clitoral Stroke


Here’s one technique from the Steamy Sex Ed® Collection that I specifically requested my man do to me:

While you’re eating her, collect the shaft of her clitoris gently between your thumb and pointer finger like in this picture.

Gently pulse sexual energy between your fingers as you lightly roll and squeeze (gently!) her clitoral shaft.

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If you cannot find her clitoral shaft, it’s directly under the head of her clitoris.

The nub of her clit head is at the top of her clit shaft just like the head of a man’s penis is on the top of his shaft.

Think of her clitoris as a mini-penis with little legs that go up inside her.

If you cannot easily pulsate her clitoral shaft between your fingers, her clit is just not yet engorged enough —it’s not yet filled with blood like an erect penis.

Spend more time bringing blood to the deep area in her body underneath her clitoris by stroking and licking some more.

It takes up to 20 minutes to pop her clitoris out like an erect penis. The more genital massage you give her before you orally pleasure her the easier it will be on her to feel incredible sensation and the easier it will be on your neck and tongue.

(There is an entire Genital Massage For Women DVD in the Steamy Sex Ed® Collection with tons of engorgement moves.)

One you have her clitoral erection between your fingers, swipe your tongue back and forth across her clit with your tongue. Try a windshield wiper motion and alter the speed and pressure.

Do that for about 20 seconds and then move on to another move you learned from your Steamy videos.


The best way to make a girl come over and over from oral sex is to work your way from the outside in slowly and then vary what you are doing until she says, “stay right there.” When she says that, STAY RIGHT THERE and do EXACTLY what you were doing until she says stop.

Women, tell your lover that you will let him know when he is on an incredible spot and to stay still and keep doing it until you tell him otherwise.

Guys, let her know you will deliver THAT stroke —whichever is the one making her go crazy in that moment —until she comes.

Women need you to find a spot and stay on it until she gets off.

Finding that balance between moving around and giving her variety with sticking to a stroke that is working for her until she can settle into it and ride it to climax is one of the things that makes a lover an oral aficionado.

Another ability that separates the good from great is using blended strokes.

When you combine your tongue and fingers in certain ways you become a truly masterful oral lover.

That’s why I recommend the Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Collection so highly.

It is groaning and moaning under the weight of an incredible number of blended finger/tongue strokes that you won’t see on any other DVD anywhere.



Even better, Jaiya, the gorgeous sexologist featured in these films will walk you verbally through the nuances of each technique if you have her sound track turned on.

Optionally, you can watch the couples in ecstasy to the music track instead of the voice over instruction. Yet another feature that makes Steamy the best lovemaking video collection you can watch in the privacy of your own home.

  • East meets West with fellatio and cunnilingus techniques that rejuvenate, relax and improve your sexual health — which is a cornerstone to overall longevity.
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