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5 BIG UNANSWERED Questions About Steamy Sex Ed

Do you have an unanswered question about our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection?

If so, get it answered because there are only few copies left and we will sell out.

Lots of questions are coming in about Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. Here are the Big 5:

 1. Can I see an example of the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection?

Yes. Scroll down on either of these pages to TWO VIDEOS: See a sample reel of clips from all 8 episodes and a sample taken from the Oral Sex Positions episode so you can hear Jaiya’s voice.

Sample Videos (Explicit) from Steamy Sex Ed® <— Couples
Sample Videos (Explicit) from Steamy Sex Ed® <— Singles

 spizy sizzle reel


2. Is Susan Bratton the instructor?

No. Jaiya, pictured above, is the Somatic Sexologist who narrates the techniques and is also one of the stars.

3. How does the risk-free 30-day trial work?

You must purchase the DVD’s or digital before we sell out (probably by Sunday as orders are brisk). You’ll get immediate access to the digital. If you order DVD’s, then we will quick ship them to you. You have thirty days from the day you purchased to decide if you want to keep your Steamy Sex Ed®. If you want to return them, you email us at [email protected] and ask for an RMA#. (Return Materials Authorization Number) Mail them back to our warehouse address on the package and when we receive your return, we issue you a refund including shipping.

4. My boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me because when we have sex and he’s done, he says he can’t do anything more to “help me out.” Will Steamy Sex Ed® help?

Steamy Sex Ed®  is exactly what your boyfriend needs. He has a limiting belief that the only way he can satisfy you is when he’s hard. What he doesn’t understand is that he can give you orgasms all night long until you can’t come anymore simply by discovering the genital and oral orgasm techniques demonstrated in the videos. Sit that boyfriend down and watch Steamy with him and show him the techniques you’d like him to try on you first. Then watch again as you gain more and more skills. Teach him how to step up and satisfy you.

5. Why do you only make 500 units available? Why don’t you offer Steamy Sex Ed® all the time? Why can’t I buy next week or next month? 

The inventory carrying costs are expensive. These sales take a LOT of effort from over 20 of our company team members and almost a hundred of our distributors. We have other programs we’re releasing in the Fall that we need to get ready for you next. We need some time off! And we need some time to have some great sex ourselves! We’ve been working around the clock for over two months to make Steamy Sex Ed® available for you. This is your time to get your copy before we sell completely out. I cannot tell you when we will offer Steamy Sex Ed® again. So if you want a copy, make your purchase today.

Steamy_Sex_Ed_DVD_Collection_2015_live_single_The_Best_of_Personal_Life_Media  CLICK  BUY NOW 

Do you have an unanswered question about our Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Collection?

If so, get it answered because there are only a few copies left and we will sell out this weekend.

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