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Seduction Strategies That Get Her In The Mood

Women want as much sex as men. Trust me. We are horny little animals who would love to be comed and comed until our knees are weak and our throats are dry from moaning.

We have two primal desires – sexual variety is the first. And the way to keep her coming for more is to have a treasure chest of erotic techniques that make her body tingle at your touch.

“I finally know what you mean by “variety.” My fingers and tongue dance from stroke to stroke now. I used to think you meant sex positions, but after watching, now I get it… and I give it.” — Neil from Seattle

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I’ve Helped Millions of Singles and Couples in over a Decade.
I Know What Lovers Crave.

My name is Susan Bratton and I’m a trusted hot-sex advisor to millions of single men and women as well as couples who crave more passionate lovemaking.


I’ve been asked the most private and personal questions about sex for over a decade.

The #1 question women ask me is, ‘How can I get my lover to take charge in the bedroom?’

Women have the same sexual drive as men.

We want as much sexual variety as men.

And we have a sexual appetite for as many partners and experiences as men do.

Women are expanding sexually and we need men who can “bring it” to us… men who are trained to be excellent lovers… men who can feed our appetites for pleasure.

The #1 question men ask me is, “How do I get her to let go and let me give her incredible pleasure?”

The answer is the same for both sexes and all fluid gender nuances in between…

Educate Yourself Sexually

Know what to do. Know what you like. Learn by watching these sexy video demonstrations.

– Have a treasure chest of erotic techniques that make your bodies tingle from your touch.

– Know how to escalate your arousal to reach states of rapture and connection where two become one.

Have You Watched The Steamy Sex Ed Video Sample Reel?

Have you gone to our sales page for Steamy Sex Ed and watched the two samples of the videos from our 8 Episode Collection?

Steamy Sex Ed 8 Video DVD Collection for Couples <=== Watch The Explicit Video Trailers
Steamy Sex Ed 8 Video DVD Collection for Singles <=== Watch The Explicit Video Trailers

Now, this video preview sampler is explicit. You will see some of the touch techniques, oral pleasuring and sex positions in the sampler.

While you’re watching, imagine hours of instruction that demonstrate a huge variety of ways to play your bodies like instruments in concert with each other.

And for goodness sake, don’t watch it and think, “I know that. I do that.”

Because, in all honesty sweetie, you don’t. You couldn’t possibly know these techniques.

I’m a sex expert and every time I watch the Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection I learn a few new moves!

You don’t know the U-Spot Flick, The Clit Bouncy House, the Lord of the Rings, The Squeeze Me Tease Me or almost any of the other one hundred and ninety six moves that play your nervous system like a Stradivarius violin.


I used to be a “no,” almost every time Tim asked me to have sex.

He was in misery. And I was too. Because I wouldn’t initiate any touch or cuddling… afraid it would lead to sex.

If you’re single, it’s likely your partner is not very sexually experienced either. So you are not having the kind of sex you could be having.

What it takes to be an enthusiastic, “YES!” is SKILL. And skill comes from knowledge.

Steamy Sex Ed is simply the best sexual education you can find on the planet anywhere.


Time is running out for you to get a copy.

There are 347 DVD Sets left in our warehouse.

When we sell those sets there is no telling when we will reprint and offer them again.

Today you can get them for 61% off Retail. But you have to act FAST.

We are running out of sets and if you want one, go get one.

347 Steamy Sex Ed DVD Sets Left In Stock <=== Order Today Before You Can’t Have One

What Are You Waiting For,

P.S. You can watch for free for 30 Days with my 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We have a 3 payment plan EZ-PAY option.

If you get the DVD’s you will get a BONUS, “Female Self-Pleasuring.” <== Fascinating

We take PayPal, Western Union and you can mail us a money order.

The DVD’s are mailed in a plain white box. No one will know what you ordered.

There is no better way to learn to be incredible in bed and give and receive outrageous pleasure.

347 Steamy Sex Ed DVD Sets Left In Stock <=== Order Today Before You Can’t Have One

3 Responses

  1. I will be marrying two women in July. One will be legally married to me and the other spiritually. I am 64 and they are both 31. They love me very much and they love each other too. I am extremely oral and so are they. We also plan on creating and selling our own porn movies. Might anyone have any advice that I need to know? They have both been very hurt by younger guys and I cannot and will not ever do that to them. I love them both deeply. They also want children by me. There will be an inheritance involved when I marry. She will receive a lot of money which I truly do not care about, I care about them. I believe myself to be an extremely lucky man whose luck has been bad for many years until I met these two you, very beautiful, very caring ladies. I see only good things in my life now.

  2. ” Women want as much sex as men. Trust me. We are horny little animals ” Not peeing on your bonfire here , but it’s been both proven in many studies & it’s obvious common knowledge that this is not the case. There is no such thing as a sexually frustrated women , women can go without sex indefinitely & around a third of women have zero desire for sex. In fairness to the ladies it’s mainly due to repression of female sexuality in Western ” society ” so the majority of Western women are sexually ” shut down “

    1. I am in total agreement with the e-mail above especially for women over thage of 65 and since I am 76 and am very sexually active and just last year I lost my wife of 55 years and we had a good sex life until the sickness of the last 3 years for my wife —and now after a year I have been on a few dating sites currently and after a few dates of free meals etc. and we are just getting to know each other by asking questions –if I ask if they are sexually active of the women over 70 at least 90 % will say no they are not and the other 10 % will lie that they are but I did just recently find one my age that is extremely active and what a blessing it is again

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