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Steamy Sex Ed BONUS Video

hot sex life

It’s an honor to watch 3 beautiful women pleasure themselves.

Get The BONUS Before the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection Sells Out <== 60% DISCOUNT

You can learn a lot watching this NEW BONUS video for the ‘Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection’ called, Female Self-Pleasuring.

Each girl in the video performs entirely fresh and individual techniques to make herself feel good.

What they do is completely different from how a man releases himself.

How much better a lover could you be if you knew how other women got themselves off behind closed doors?

Only 420 Units Left ===> Have The Best Sex of Your Life: Steamy Sex Ed DVD Collection

Self-Pleasure-Video 510x320


It’s mind-blowing to watch different women pleasuring themselves because you are suddenly aware of two things:

1) You can get a woman off using her surefire method to give you a competitive advantage at fully satisfying her. Ladies, teach your men!

2) The variety of ways women masturbate is impressive! It will add to your skill set to watch this video and copy these techniques. Learn new ways to get yourself off!

As I am writing this, there are less than 420 copies of the 8 DVD collection left before our 60% Discount Sale is over.

60% off until supplies last.

Get Steamy DVD’s delivered in a plain white box for binge watching.

New! Digital Download option for our International friends – watch it immediately.

You asked for it: EZ Pay now available. (very popular!)

Get everything for only 3 payments of $69.95.

ez pay option


No more Steamy after that until sometime in future. It’s been a YEAR since we made Steamy available.
I only ordered 500 units because I do not want to carry the inventory.

Get your copy now and give your partner the variety and snuggling they are craving.

“I’m not going to let my second wife get bored of sex. We already watched half the DVD’s. Your “Date Night Happy Endings” – was a great idea. THANKS.” – George

Remember the EZ Pay option? Here’s how it works exactly.

We will break down the Steamy Sex Ed® DVD Collection into 3 monthly payments so you can start watching tonight!

You still receive the Female Self-Pleasuring digital download BONUS with your EZ Payment Plan when you buy the physical DVD’s.


Since it’s a collection of 8 DVD’s, it’s a large amount of sexual content.

Normally it costs $520 for the physical and digital versions but it’s on sale now for $199.95.

That’s a 60% discount.

Sale Santa HatIf you choose the EZ-PAY here’s what you will be billed:

This month you will be charged $69.95 plus flat rate shipping of $10 domestic and $25 International.

In 30 days we’ll bill you another $69.95.

Then in 30 more days you pay the final $69.95.


As always, you have the first 30 days to make sure you LOVE the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection.

If you want to send it back, just contact us at [email protected].

We give you an RMA# (return materials authorization) and then when we receive your return, we refund your card.

EZ Pay Will Make Your Day!

Note: When you select the DVD and Digital “Best Value” Option, you will receive the Female Self-Pleasuring bonus with EZ Pay.

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