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How To Keep Desiring Your Husband

Wifely duties…


\(•_•)/ Truth BOMB Below (scroll down)

Dr. Patti,

I love my husband but it’s really hard for me to get in the mood.

“He’s on my TO DO list somewhere below my job and the kids… and I feel so guilty.”


Jan, Oak Park, IL

Dear Jan,

There are two things you can do to keep your libido overflowing with desire for your guy.

The more sex you have, the more you will want.

\(•_•)/ Truth BOMB

You’re falling out of practice.

And I know you know how important it is to stay sexually intimate as a couple.


  1. Learn new techniques together — grow sexually as a couple
  2. Give your man a chance to get you fully engorged so that sex feels incredible to you

Luckily our insanely popular, Steamy Sex Ed video collection designed for couples comes to the rescue!

Get One Day Early ✭✭VIP Access✭✭ <=== Demand Exceeds Supply! (Make sure you get your copy if you want one.)

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Watch together and let your old dog learn some new tricks.

Focus on the Genital Massage for Women title first.

Then have him practice Orgasmic Cunnilingus with you.

You can lie there with your eyes closed as he strokes or licks along with the video demonstrations.

Give him feedback. Harder, softer, up, down, left, right, squishy, pointy, slidey….

Do it for 15 minutes before you go to sleep once a week or more. Make a deal with him that you don’t have to have sex with him during these practice sessions until he gets so good you HAVE to jump his bones.

That way he will know when he is really getting good.

And you won’t skip the practice session (I call these sandbox dates.) because you’re afraid you still won’t be in the mood after he’s made that effort.

You are in this together.


Women want a lot of sexual variety… our guys need to be walking encyclopedias of strokes we love, flitting from one to the next to keep our nervous systems stimulated and our orgasmic pleasure escalating.

Your husband’s “go to moves” should have died a peaceful death long ago. Get him to innovate!


Men biologically crave giving us women incredible pleasure. Yes, they like the release of their climax, but unless mama’s happy, daddy’s miserable.

And the way to make him happy is to teach him what pleases you.

And what pleases you is always a moving target due to your hormones.

So the BEST thing you can do to get it up for hubby is get more sexual skill together.

That’s why Susan Bratton created those amazing Steamy Sex Ed DVD’s.

Exactly for women like you who need a supercharge in your libido.



She has a sale starting November 19 to 22, 2015.

I heartily encourage you to get on the VIP List to see the amazing sizzle reels.

You can definitely watch this in the privacy of your bedroom together, girl!

✭✭VIP Access✭✭ <=== Demand Exceeds Supply! (Make sure you get your copy if you want one.)

You can also lay him down and do the Genital Massage for Men on him as you follow along. That will keep daddy happy until he finally gets you so warmed up you have to hop on pop!

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  1. My wife has lost her sex drive no matter how hard i try she wont watch porn doesn’t want to use her very expensive toys any more this all started a few years back she wanted to experience a threesome MFM in total we had five encounters over two weeks with her only picking the men she wanted all ending been MF even as i tried to join them she ignored me only wanting him only as did he for her it was like watching a porn video her allowing him to do everything to her even Anal sex because i complained things turned sour how can i fix this mess

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