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How To Treat Erectile Problems

“I am unable to reach orgasm no matter how hard I try… and now I have ED.”

Here’s an email from a veteran of war who has trouble getting hard and ejaculating.

Read Jim Benson’s response. Jim Benson is one of our sex love and intimacy coaches. You can have a coaching session with Jim on the phone or over Skype. Here’s a link to learn more about how to have Jim help you with your erectile issues.

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I came back from a deployment from Afghanistan and now have PTSD which makes me have to take many pills. And now I have ED. I am unable to reach orgasm no matter how hard I try and get frustrated. My wife does gets frustrated too, wondering why she cannot get me to come. I welcome any advice you can give me.” — Battle Scarred but not Hard

Jim Benson, Sex Coach Replies:

Dear Battle Scarred,

There’s ED as a result of PTSD (super-common — way over 50%) and ED as a result of medication — usually an antidepressant. Likely they’re both affecting your sex drive. We’d need to suss out which one is having the strongest effect — the PTSD or medications — but we can address both.

I’d start by having you let the MD or psychiatrist (whomever is writing the prescription) know that there’s an ED issue and that you would like to try an alternate antidepressant. If that helps, great. If you’re on a drug cocktail it will be more difficult to identify the culprits because they will interact with each other. Some combo of the drugs could be the cause. So it may take some detective work. Try to enroll the psychiatrist in helping you adjust the meds so that there’s minimal effect on your erections.

Meanwhile, there’s an emotional component that likely needs addressing, and that’s a willingness to face and feel the blocked feelings. It can feel overwhelming to do so at first, and probably best to do it in an in-person therapeutic situation, not coaching. You should have someone there in the same room who can track you and support you as you contact what might feel intolerable at first, but over time, will be manageable. The proscribing psychiatrist or a counselor specializing in PTSD would be ideal. The blocked, seemingly intolerable feelings act as a block for sexual energy as well. Once you start to feel, electricity will move through the Eel!

Please let us know how your treatment is going.

In Support,
Jim Benson

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