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5 Ways To Erotically Empower Your Femininity

Discover 5 ways a woman can awaken her sexual potential in this free audio I made for you. Learn more about empowering female sexuality.

Though I am speaking woman to woman, if you’re a man who wants to lead your woman to more sexual pleasure (and who doesn’t?), you can listen too.

In this free downloadable audio, I describe ways to have more hot sex, how to escalate your arousal, how to tell a guy what you want without hurting his feelings, and more:

“5 Ways To Erotically Empower Your Feminine Sexuality” ⇐ Wait Until You Hear This!


You only have one life to live.

Every day that you miss the opportunity to be close to a lover is a squandered moment of one of life’s most extraordinary pleasures.

Here are five fundamental pieces of knowledge that will increase your feminine sexual potential:

1. Get over body issues and cultural shame.

2. Train your lover to appreciate all of your feedback.

3. Notice what you want and ask for it.

4. Manage your boundaries.

5. Appreciate your progress.

What I hope I have given you in this audio interview from Denise Dominguez is permission to enjoy yourself even more by using models that support your self-confidence as a sexual being.

Please make sure you post a comment about what you found most valuable or any questions that come up as you listen.

I love to empower you!

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empowering female sexuality

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for your encouragement, Susan! I liked your phrase “the small menu” you shared at the end. I know those offerings are what I need and want, but I’d appreciate advice on how to get your man interested and willing to do those “small” things. Mine hasn’t been, and it’s become more and more difficult to ever feel turned on.

  2. This was a great listen 🙂 I have been working on my sexuality slowly but surely this year on my own and I hope that this improves the sexual relationship between my husband and myself – it is not bad, but I think for him sex is more of a release instead of a way of connecting. He works in construction, dealing with lots of traditionally masculine stuff all day, so at home it sort of feels like he doesn’t want to have to try or work hard. I don’t expect a lot of him, and I am trying to figure out how our relationship can be best when it feels like our sex life does not necessarily line up with concepts like “the man is the man and the woman is the woman” – for example, I blantly said to him, “I think it would be really hot if you just pushed me up against the door when I got home and made out with me” – you think he would jump all over that suggestion but he never has. He only approaches me the way he wants, which is sitting super close when I’m focusing on something else and poking at me and asking if I want to sneak upstairs. I love him, and I know he loves me, and I know he knows I hate his approach, but it doesn’t change. But he says he always wants to be the initiator, and in bed he tells me exactly what to say, when to say it, where I need to move to/position to be in, etc. So, I am learning to rely on myself for everything – my turn on, my arousal, my orgasm. Hopefully if I can successfully integrate your advice here, maybe I can learn to be happy and satisfied with what he seems capable of giving, instead of expecting him to be the “leader” and being disappointed.

    1. What you seem to want is exactly the concept of the man being the man and the woman being the woman. You want him to lead and be a bit more aggressive at times i.e pushing you up against the door and making out with you. Instead he seems to go the less bold route and trying to initiate in an almost passive way which you hate.

      However he then is tries to lead in bed, which to me, seems to be a contradiction to the way he goes about “initiating” sex. You want him to be the man and lead and be more aware of what turns you on/gets you off. Being in a more masculine environment you would think that he would be more pumped up and wanting to accept your feminine surrender. I personally don’t see how his place of work would equal to him not trying hard other than being physically exhausted as little of an excuse that may be.

      I’m not a professional in this area like Susan and the other ladies on PLM, so by no means take what I’m as a slight or any concrete advice but, an albeit, unsolicited opinion. Perhaps he needs to also take some time and discover how to be in his masculine for you as opposed to stopping it once he’s not at work. Best of luck to you in your journey.

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