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How To Get Her To Be More Affectionate

“Now my wife walks right up to me, tilts her head up, closes her eyes and waits for me to kiss her eyelids!” -Phil


For the first time in all their years of marriage, Phil’s wife Rhonda was taking the initiative to be affectionate. In the last year, they’ve had more “touchy feely” moments than in the first 10 years of their marriage. The “stealth seduction” touch tricks I gave Phil worked.

Get Rejection Proof Touch Tricks <=== THIS IS WHAT SHE WANTS FROM YOU

Within weeks of subtly touching her body, his wife became more animated, more engaged with him than ever before.

She stopped pushing him away.

Now they snuggle on the couch at night and Rhonda has actually been taking off her nightgown and cuddling him in the nude before Phil gets up to go to work.

This is huge progress for a couple who were like childhood friends instead of a passionate married couple.

“Your descriptions of the small of her back and the ultimate hug sparked visual memories of early courtship and some of my favorite bonding moments. The Passion Patch is well worth the $7 spend.” – Brian H.

Where Should You Touch Your Wife To Turn Her On?

The goal of this tiny little eBook is to give you instant success wooing your wife or girlfriend in a way that gives her great pleasure.



She will thrill to your touch again when you do The Passion Patch.

You BOTH Deserve This Pleasure

Orgasm is one of the ways your body relaxes the tension that builds up from the “work” of living a full, rich life. Climaxes rejuvenate and reboot your system so you have the reserves to go out and conquer the world. Both you and your wife need this pleasure release. But so many issues, including shame, fear, ignorance, pain and bad health can cover up desire.

Creating ease around sex and physical intimacy builds over time.

And even cuddling and holding hands releases the “love chemicals” that fuel her desire for you.

Starting with the secret touch techniques I give you in my newest eBook will allow you to quickly ramp her arousal.

And I priced it at $7 so everyone could win!

Click here now to go to the website and make your purchase.

Crack open the .pdf, find a touch technique you like and try it tonight.

The Passion Patch will:

  • Patch up your distance and bring her closer to you.
  • Make her more open to your advances.
  • Make her crave your touches again.
  • Give her the kind of physical stimulation that turns her on.

An eBook from me to you.

Get In Touch.

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