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50 Shades Of Grey Movie Review By Susan Bratton

The good, bad and ugly of a movie so lame it dried up all the “juice” in the theater….

Watch this 5-minute video of my movie review of 50 Shades of Grey

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Let me know your thoughts on the comments below! I would love to hear from you. 😉

9 Responses

  1. @ William:

    “…a woman is emotional and a man is sexual…”

    Whoa! What are we, in the 1800s of understanding the reality of the range of human emotion and sexuality? This is simply not true. Not in the least. You may not want to admit to having/experiencing a range of emotions, being male and having been born in the generation you were, but they are there. And females certainly ARE sexual beings–many of us more than our male counterparts.

    Don’t believe everything you think.

    “50 Shades Of Grey” was a Twilight Saga FAN FICTION (called “Master Of The Universe”), with Bella Swan as Anastasia and Edward Cullen as Christian; look up the history of it. It was NEVER meant to be a treatise about power exchange relationships or safety in B.D.S.M. relationships–it has ALWAYS been a Twilight fan’s fantasy about her two favorite characters that happened to get turned into an original work and published. That is all.

    All of that being said, it is a shame. I’ve been a “lifestyle” slave for 11 years, and I dreaded the movie being released. Positively dreaded it. Hollywood doesn’t care about accuracy, nor about how it portrays us. And we have to deal with the fallout in our communities, with people who think THIS is what being dominant/submissive is about. It’s frustrating.

    One step forward. Three steps back.

  2. Susan,women were upset at the movie because a woman is emotional and a man is sexual.Hence I do not make love I Fuck.Women wanted to see a movie that makes you feel good like Pretty Woman and the man falls in love with her.That only happens in the movies,that is why we go to feel good.The reality of their relationship was power and being in control,not a feel good relationship.He is not able to love a woman,so he punishes his women for what his mother did to him and her leaving him by dying when he was only 4 years old.His mother’s friend took advantage of him when he was only 15 years old until he was 21 years old.He has all this anger built up over the years and he takes it out on other women.This woman was just like all women thinking they can change you and make you fall in love with them.He was honest with her from the start he does not make love he fucks.What made it worse was that she was a virgin and she does not have anybody to compare him with.He should of left her alone once he found out she was a virgin.I am 53 years old and I have turn down many virgin’s in my time because they will fall in love with you because you are their first man to have sex with.That is why men want a virgin because she can’t compare the sex to another man,but I avoid them because I think a virgin should be in love with the first man that she has sex with.

  3. Hi Susan
    50 shades of gray the movie… yes I read the books and I was told by a woman that watched it that she did not like it because the cut so much out from the book and she could not feel the passion.
    Yes I have read the books and thought the casting could have been done better but it worked I liked the movie I could feel the desire the pain and the internal conflict. If I did not read the books I would not know what they were thinking because in the books we got into their heads hearing their thoughts. I thought they could have emphasized her biting her bottom lip more and I did not catch her rolling her eyes at all even when he caught her I did not see it, but it is very important. I was able to feel their desire their passion and what you are missing is the love that she has for him at the end when she asked him to give her the worst that could ever happed he did… yes it hurt but what upset her more was the fact that she could not be the sub she thought he needed. she laid in bed crying not because he hurt her she was crying because her feelings for him was so strong and she could not be what she felt he needed her to be.
    As far as control here is a quote: Think about this…
    Control is an illusion.
    The things we desire control us all. Money, power….
    You are in the ultimate control when you let me control you.
    That’s why you feed off it

    When I watched your review about the movie I was disappointed in your review because either you did not read the books or you went there expecting something different maybe you should go see the movie again after you have read the books and if you did read the books than shame on you.
    Here is a question for you if we were on the dance floor would you let me lead? if you will not let me lead on the dance floor than you would not let me lead in the bedroom which means you have a set way of doing it that works for you giving you a handful of straw when you could have the entire haystack. Thanks for your time

  4. Thank you Mrs. Susan, been hearing/reading a lot about the book/movie because of some exposure to some products (Gabby) and your products Iam thankful for your insights into these matters and the points you brought out.

  5. Sounds like if the development team made 50 shades of grey under educational purposes for men, the dating coach community would be out of jobs. 😉 nah just messin with ya.

    8 women to one man you said….

  6. Right on Susan. The books also portrayed Christian as a mentally damaged guy who had another agenda which he expressed negatively towards women. That is not what Erotic stimulation is about–and not why it is so effective in bringing some women to very high levels of erotic excitement and pleasure. Your comments are correct and right on target. It is not rooted in some abuse at a younger age–quite the opposite.
    In my early 20s I was introduced to erotic stimulation by a lovely natural submissive woman who I had just taught to ride hunters over fences. She had come to the farm and asked me to teach her how to ride over fences. She was a good rider on the flat–had taken lessons since childhood, but needed some leadership to get her past her fears of jumping. She moved quickly through the necessary learning process, and was soon joining me in the fox hunt field jumping fences and having a great time. She wanted to repay me by introducing me to erotic stimulation.
    It was the same for me as teaching her to ride. Once I built trust in our relationship–she desired to be led and directed by me–taken to her erotic stimulation highs, and into and through her past levels of erotic excitement–each time building more positive pathways in her erotic mind, which paved the way for her next time of enjoying erotic excitement with me, she went even higher, faster, and farther.
    I am a giver by nature and I am not punishing any woman for past abuse by a woman–I am leading a natural submissive woman to very high levels of erotic sexual excitement, into long strings of toenail curling orgasms–and unleashing the hot, exciting woman that lives deep inside her core to come out, be alive, enjoy the pleasure and grow in her erotic journey in life.


  7. I did not see the movie but I did read the book. I read the book primarily to try and cull the words that might arouse a woman because I have heard that women read romance novel to fantasize and get aroused. I think a woman is more attracted the the concept of the hero than a domineering male. Otherwise, I think I would give you 3.5 stars out of 5.

  8. Very good review. I’m even harded on the book and movie for cashing in on domestic violence while stereo typing D/s BDSM
    I’ve been into D/s BDSM as long as I can remember. I’m a submissive and about as far away from Anastasia Steele as it gets. The so called hero from 50 shades is clueless and then tumbles into some strange and unhealthy rescue fantasy. If this was a real world example in the end it would be Christan Grey who’d need rescuing from he.

  9. Have you read the book and how does it compare to the movie? The more I hear about the movie the more it seems to deviate from the books.

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