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5 Mind-Blowing Tricks To Make Him Fantasize About You All Day [FREE MP3]

Carlos Cavallo of Irresistible Desire had me divulge my best ideas and they are scandalously sexy!

In this audio, you will learn my 5 Mind-Blowing Tricks a woman can use to make her guy fantasize about her all day plus other juicy stuff you will enjoy!


  • My #1 piece of advice to tattoo yourself on a man’s brain — because it’s something you should NEVER do — instead of something you to do. (women screw this up constantly and yet it’s so easy to fix)
  • A highly erotic thing that men LONG FOR but seldom, if ever, get from a woman that he’ll remember for the rest of his life. This is something you’d never read in Cosmo because it’s too dirty. But it’s clean dirty, the perfect good girl/bad girl way into a man’s heart through his favorite appendage.
  • Variety is my third “mind-blowing” trick and it goes far beyond sex positions.
  • How to make a man feel “enjoyed and appreciated” with a simple frame of mind.
  • My fifth and final “trick” is called, Surrender.” And I tell you exactly how to do it.

This interview is loaded with sexy super fun ideas that guys and gals will sure adore

‘5 Mind Blowing Tricks’ MP3 – Make Him Desire You by Susan Bratton and Carlos Cavallo

Listen here ⇓

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Here’s the link to the 3 free pleasure reports Susan mentions in the audio:

Three Free Pleasure Reports Expanded Orgasm Technique

  1. What is Expanded Orgasm? (The 30 Minute Orgasm)
  2. Touching for Rapture (For Your Own Selfish Pleasure)
  3. Pleasure Peaking (Extends and Increases Your Orgasm)


10 Responses

  1. Susan thanks for all of your great advice ,the video 50 shades of grey kind of leaves me guessing ,poor acting ,
    Susan I would like to buy your steamy sec videos ,can you send me an adress so I can order them. Thanks for all of your help

  2. I don’t get it. Why is it some of these newsletters I get with free mp3’s I can play automatically, but the there are some like this one that just gives teaser info when you click on the link and you have to be a member for the rest of it? That’s not fair!

      1. The point is it’s not free if you have to pay with personal info. As the title states “[FREE MP3]”, yet the fine print is to give up “valuable” info for something which promises you “Mind Blowing…Fantasy” which like other clickbait “freebies” fall way short of the mark and we’re still out our payment which you’ll never remove. Isn’t this the case here as well?

        Yes, sign up it’s “free” /s

  3. I look forward to becoming the most desirable woman from the one and only true love of my life. Please share your ideas and opinions so I can have my man completely in love with me. To only desire my intimacy and companionship.

  4. I am a natural health enthusiasts, I also teach how you can leave healthily. I want to include sex education, how can you be of help to me? I am a pastor. Thanks.

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