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Make It Easier For Your Husband To Make You Happy

“We’re stuck on a hamster wheel of obligations with zero fun time together.”


Read on, because you’re moments away from getting right back to that honeymoon stage and having a marriage that gets sweeter, closer and more intimate as time goes on…

Does Your Husband Confuse Working Hard With Loving You?

To men, being a good husband means, “bringing home the bacon… “

. . . Often to the exclusion of spending time just being present with you . . .

-Holding you close and not letting go for as long as you need hugging…

-Taking time to romance you in the ways that matter to you most…

-Telling you exactly WHY you’re so irresistible to him…

-Being taken on fun adventures…

-Even remembering to bring you pretty flowers once in a while …

You know he means well, but . . .

Make It Very Easy For Your Husband To Make You Happy <=== Busy Husband’s Cheat Sheet

Statistics say women file for 75% of all divorces.

Apparently, when YOU say it’s over, it almost always is.

And I know from the thousands of couples that I’ve helped rekindle their relationships, that most husbands are completely blindsided that their wives have become dissatisfied enough to consider leaving them.

Busy Husband’s Cheat Sheet “Makes Mama Happy”

Marriages don’t break.

They slowly erode.

Indifference turns to neglect.

Lack of affection turns into loneliness.

If you want to rediscover the “WE,” give your husband a simple, prioritized list of ways he can treat you and a list of specific things he can do for you. When he can work your list, it will transform you into a very satisfied wife.

Relationship Magic Question <=== Ask This One Magic Question

C’Mon Get Happy!

You may not be able to prevent resentment from building up . . .

If you don’t have a solid plan to stay intimately connected together.

Left unchecked, you end up platonic partners stuck in a hamster wheel of chores and other peoples’ agendas . . .

And bored out of your mind!!!

Make It Very Easy For Your Husband To Make You Happy <=== Busy Husband’s Cheat Sheet

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