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How To Give Her Orgasms From Intercourse

Last night I had dinner with my friends Ray and Lenore and the conversation (as it does when you party with a sex educator) turned to sex.

Lenore can’t have orgasms from intercourse. Penetration doesn’t get her off. This is VERY common and creates a situation where sex just isn’t that good for her, so she wants less and less over time.

But I have a solution for you! Read on…

“Your blogs and emails have been nothing short of amazing. Your newsletter is a blessing for relationships everywhere! As a result our lovemaking has been over the top. We now find ourselves not only wanting more lovemaking but actually having more. Believe me my wife’s sexual desires are much stronger now and she is in her mid 50′s. I want more and she wants more.”

— Tom


As we sat by the fire after dinner, Lenore shared with us that “70% of the time” she has intercourse with Ray just to keep him from being too cranky to live with.

Though they laughed about it with us, I know that there is a deep, underlying pain that comes with giving more than she’s getting. That’s mercy sex.

When a wife has sex with a husband and doesn’t herself have an orgasm, it takes its toll on her libido, her satisfaction and her sexual confidence.

And for those husbands whose wives submit to mercy sex, it’s often a living hell for them.

Men live to give their women incredible pleasure. It’s wired into you. If you satisfy her, she will willingly come back.

This is why men love it when the woman initiates or asks for sex. Then he knows she desires him.

But when she has sex out of duty, or to keep him from being cranky, there’s a lot of potential pleasure left on the table.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s NOT anyone’s fault. The wives who give their men consistent intercourse are wonderful, caring, attentive wives.

And often wives won’t LET their husbands have enough access to them to to help them learn how to have vaginal orgasms through intercourse.

So you end up masturbating inside her, instead of it being a two-way pleasure experience.

THIS SUCKS. It sucks for you. It sucks for her. And countless couples get caught in a habit that is unrewarding and think, “this is just how it is with us.”

Listen, 99.99% of women CAN orgasm from intercourse, IF conditions are right.


And the #1 condition is ENGORGEMENT.

Once a woman’s genitals are ripe and full of blood from stroking, licking and rubbing, you could be a complete klutz and she’d probably have an orgasm.

It’s putting the time into foreplay, into massaging her vulva, her clitoris, up in her vagina — both her perineal and urethral (G-Spot) sponges — as well as getting her relaxed and turned on with sexy talk and kissing, breast play and overall sensual touching.

The best part about getting a woman engorged is that it builds on itself, like working out a muscle.

The more you engorge her, the easier it is to get her engorged.

The more you engorge her, the faster she gets aroused each time.

The more you engorge her, the more engorged she stays between lovemaking sessions.

Engorgement builds on itself. This is one of the foundations of the upward pleasure spiral, where sex just keeps getting better.


The best way to help your woman have intercourse from penetration is to get her engorged and then do what my friend Sheri Winston calls, “Orgasmic Cross Training.”

Here is a video where I asked Sheri to describe how to do Orgasmic Cross Training.

Start with engorgement by learning from our program, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight <=== #1 For Fast Engorgement Techniques

Once you have the ability to give her incredible clitoral orgasms with a fully engorged pussy, you can start the cross training.

Don’t skip steps, do do bird.

I know you want to accelerate, skip ahead, get to your goal.

If you skip steps it will TAKE longer and you will ANNOY her.

Do the work. It’s freakin’ fun!

Step #1 – Get Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and watch the stroking and engorgement videos.

Step #2 – Practice the strokes and engorge your lady’s bits.

Step #3 – Get her coming in multiple orgasms from the clitoral stroking and engorgement.

Step #4 – Start cross training [watch the video above] by coming her with your Expanded Orgasm strokes while your penis is inside her.


She will come from intercourse.

This is EXACTLY what Tim did for me. At 49 years old I finally had my first orgasms from penetration.

Every woman can come from intercourse.

Just Follow The Steps!

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Another thing about orgasms a lot of women don’t know yet is why some women squirt, and some don’t.

Is it a natural gift? Is it because of technique? Or is it something else completely different?

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