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Please Your Man In Bed With Your Body

Gals, this one is for you but I am letting the guys read it because they will be cheering us on!

One of the best ways to please your man is to be generous with your body.

Allowing him to taste, touch, smell and look at your body as much as he wants to is a true gift of love.

So many women change in the other room, hide in the dark during lovemaking and don’t let their men look at their genitals.

I get emails from guys all the time practically crying because they feel starved for the flesh of their woman.


Let him love you up and drink you in.

The feminine invites and allows.

Create the conditions and boundaries with your man that allow you to open yourself to him willingly.

He doesn’t want you to do it for HIM. He wants you to love your body and share it with him.

There’s a subtle mind shift where you just have to say to yourself, OK.

I’m going to give myself to him and let him enjoy me.  I’m going to push self-criticism out of my mind.  I’m going to overcome my shame. I’m going to take my rights as a human being and enjoy my sexuality.


He doesn’t give a hoot about cellulite. He loves your fleshy plumpness.

Spread your legs wide and let him learn every nuance of your anatomy.

He’s your lover, your most intimate human connection. Trust that he loves your body.

Flaunt it. Enjoy it. Clad yourself in lingerie and delight him.


My new boyfriend was in a 10 year marriage.

I am his first girlfriend after ten long years of the sex not being great for him.

And the one thing he texted me that really hit home was, “Aww, so sweet you are. I really appreciate how always-ready you are, how horny and imaginative you are, how open and generous with your body you are.  And you are super clear, no bull, no drama, no whining, no neediness, just pure, full-on, f#ck-me-you-stud right now fantastic ness.”

It struck me that it’s just that easy.

Men are pretty simple in some ways.

They want to be wanted by us women.

And it’s just so easy to allow them to enjoy our bodies, to open to them.

So when you find yourself holding back, let go.

Prance around in lingerie.

Rub yourself up against your man.

Take a bath or shower with him.

Let him look at you inside and out.

Let him grab big handfuls of fleshy feminine perfection.

Give him the gift of your body.

Email me if you read this and are feeling hemmed in or held back.

Let me know what it is that prevents you from following this advice.

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6 Responses

  1. My guy and I were a couple when we were 17 and 19. We never went all the way. We reconnected after 54 yrs and we can’t get enough of each other. He loves my body, I enjoy every inch of him. We are like two teenagers with each other. We’re not self conscious, we enjoy our lovemaking. We have an unabashed desire for each other and the sex is the best I’ve ever had. He adores the attention I give him. He doesn’t need the blue pill either. We live far apart but when we get together it’s pure electricity. Ladies there are still great guys out there so don’t give up, you still have a lot to give and he will thank you for it! Over and over!

  2. This right here is gold. I could not agree with this more. So many women use their bodies as weapons against Men for either punishment or reward, and that’s wrong. Great advice here Sloane 10 you know what’s way up lol. At a primal level Men really need to enjoy a womans body its biology.


  3. That is so true, I was starved for the affection of a woman and took in my old flame that I had wanted for years. Only to find that she now declared that she had no interest in sex. After several months of efforts I gave up and ask her to leave. I was not going to risk being in a long term relationship and starved for affection. I tried your program, Revive Her Drive, but realized she was not likely to change. So I gave her the boot, to try and make it in this mean world without my support. And she will survive, but not living in the lifestyle she wanted. All she had to do was want me and give herself!

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