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How To Perform A Sexy Lap Dance

Ladies, this one is for you, but I’m copying the guys so they can teach their lover how to do this for them.


Most men absolutely adore a woman who can give them a playful lap dance. They love to look at your body and enjoy you feeling sexy about yourself.

I had the pleasure of taking a daylong class from an ex-stripper and learned some pole dancing, floor show and lap dance techniques I’ll share with you now.

The pole dancing will kick your butt, the lap dance is pretty easy and the floor show can be done by ANYONE in at any level of shape.

First off, attitude is 99% of your success. The moves are secondary.

If you are having fun, he’s having fun.

When you approach him, look him right in the eyes. Wink and smile.

Stability is important. If you have a club chair or upholstered chair with wide arms of any kind, seat your guy in that.

Pry open his legs with yours and step between them.

Brace one leg against the front of the chair and the inside of his leg so you are stable.

Grab the back of the chair and lean over and shake your boobies in his face.

Let him get a whiff of your perfume.

Then back out slightly and bend at the waist and run your hands up and down his body.

Step back and rotate your hips.

Look away dreamily and caress yourself.

Come back in close to him and rub your head on him like a kitty cat.

Turn around and bend over and shimmy your bootie in his chest and then down to his lap.

Turn around to face him again and rub your shin up against his inseam.

Give him a little kiss on the lips.

Lift your skirt and look at your Yoni and smile up at him.

Turn around so your butt is facing him again and put your hand between your legs and cup your Yoni and flash him for a second so he gets a peek at your vulva from behind.

Pat your pussy a few times while you sigh and moan a little.

Stabilize your leg against the chair and his leg and lift the other one up and slide it down his chest.

Straddle his legs and gyrate.

Grind your butt into his crotch vertically while you shimmy.

Put your arm behind his head and shimmy on his body.

Then dismount.

Once you’ve tried these moves you’ll be able to easily freestyle from this excellent foundation.

Take your time, keep breathing and enjoy yourself. Flip your hair, do girly things and have a blast!

Here’s a story about my stripper shoes, a martini and a corset.

Exotic Dance Is Erotic.

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