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Still Attracted To Your Wife?

Still Attracted To Your Wife?

Bob replies:

Does this program help men deal with lack of desire?

My wife let pregnancy and gravity age her. This ruined her confidence and in turn my attraction to her.

Even worse, we are separated and she refuses to talk to me. She doesn’t even answer my texts.

Am I doomed at 50 to being old and single?

I can’t even imagine dating again.

Old women are gross. Dating hot younger women seems creepy. And I don’t want to be single at 50.

I’m frustrated because I wish I knew all this could happen many years ago. I would have made different choices.

Keep helping others. I pray for you. The world needs to keep marriages and families together, not divorced.

– Bob


Susan replies:


Your email pierced my heart. And not because your situation is unusual… but because it’s the story I hear over and over, day in day out.

Couples who grow so far apart. . . the chasm back is uncrossable.

There are three things to consider first:

1) At only 50, you have MANY good years left. Start taking care of yourself by exercising and eating healthy and having a positive view on your future. If you change your perspective, there is a marvelous life of hot and sexy lovemaking ahead of you.

2) If your wife is refusing to text or talk, give her some space. Start putting your attention on getting yourself on a success track.

3) You need someone to talk to? If you’re going to get her back enough to see if there’s a chance or knowing that it’s done and you must navigate what’s next for you that will bring you joy.

I found it comforting and confidence building to work with a relationship coach through the process of deciding whatever is your best outcome for you.  You are in our territory here – we know the lay of this land. I suggest either Chas August or Jim Benson to help you see your way clear to the best future for you.

Would you like to learn more about how this coaching works? How we guarantee supporting you through the best possible outcome for you?

Also, your story was so touching that I am going to feature you, without any personal attribution, in this week’s Insider’s Club newsletter.

Don’t do this alone, Bob.

With Love,

Susan S. Bratton
Personal Life Media
[email protected]


The original email:

Hi Bob,

You did it…

Moments ago you requested free advice about rousing your wife.


Click on this link above to learn more.

Susan Bratton


  1. I am in a somewhat similar situation and my wife still cares for me but has let herself go fat and unattractive. I still care for her but she turns me off as she doesn’t care for herself. I have tried many times to get her to get off the couch and lose some weight but she doesn’t. so what do i do now? Have an affair? Get divorced? How can you get your wife to lose all the fat? I keep in very good shape myself.

    • She has lost the need to be attractive by been the weight you desire if that sounds right, you will not be able to get her to just change her mind just because you want her to be someone she really doesn’t want to be anymore, maybe there could be something that is depressing her and comfort eating is what a women goes for, when they are unhappy about something ?

      Maybe taking her out to extravagant events where she would feel a desire to look good and lose a few pounds is an option cause she will like to look her best. When she is at home all the time or in just a boring day to day world people just give up on looks.

      But loving a women for who she is …is important no matter what, cause the inner beauty matters the most, an affair or divorce is not the answer. Though I feel you that you loosing interest and other women are becoming desirable which can be a problem.

      From Love

  2. wife now that when tha day wdamn i have been married for 15yrs now and i am more attracted to my e got married. we have our issues occassionaly but i wouldnt trade her for the world

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