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Learn How To Awaken Your Sexuality As A Woman

A woman who is comfortable in her sexuality, who is sexually expressed without shame, is a woman who is taking all that life has to offer. Great sex with your man, a feeling of confidence in your body, creativity overflowing. . . These are just some of the benefits of cultivating your feminine sensual energies.

Because you are on our Women’s Sexual Empowerment list I am very pleased to introduce you to a woman who can guide you through your own sexual awakening.

My colleague Shakti Malan is offering a 9-month Personal Intensive in Sexual Awakening for Women.

Under Shakti’s guidance you will discover how to live every day from within your juicy, alive, womanly body. This journey will be a deep initiation and also a time to ground the awakened Feminine in your sexuality and in your life.

Shakti has shared this with me about the Personal Intensive:

“I invite you to reveal feminine sexual essence. We will tend the subtlest awakenings in our sexual bodies. We will hone our capacity to do sexual shadow work and to heal our personal and collective sexual wounds. We will let go of sex that no longer serves us. We will open and soften and learn how to direct the fire of our sexual essence as it runs up through our bodies.”

Some of the themes that Shakti will be addressing in depth are:

  • Getting to know the unique qualities of feminine sexual essence in your body
  • Understanding the subtle anatomy of our sexual body
  • Learning how to initiate the awakening of your feminine sexual energy
  • Clearing blocks to the knowing of your authentic sexual power
  • Training in directing this energy through the subtle pathways of the body
  • Discovering your body as the body of Love that creates this world
  • Learning how to use your sexual power to create the world you want
  • Grounding the connection between sexual energy and your heart

If you want to know who you REALLY are on a deep heart level then this is for you:

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I hope to see you participate because I believe this is critical work for women in our post-modern culture today. Let us know if this worked for you in the comments below.

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