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Make Her Feel Adorable and Irresistibly Sexy And Then Give Her Hypnotic Orgasms

One of the delectable tidbits in the book, “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” was the bottom line realization that women desire feeling two things in balance:

  • Being Adored
  • Being Found Irresistibly Sexy

These two feelings combined give women the most pleasure when you are relating to her as a lover.

Therefore, when considering a man she might have sex with — including her husband — the amount of “adorable” and “irresistibly sexy” he can create is directly proportional to her wanting him.

If you want a woman to feel wanted. . .

And you want a woman to truly want you.  Then begin to discover specifically what you can do or say that make her feel adored and irresistibly sexy.

Here’s how you do that.

The “adored” part is kind of her girlie side.  This is the side that likes to be rewarded for being a “good girl.”  Let her know when she does things that please you and she’ll actively make an effort to please you all the time.

Ways you can adore her include telling her, “I adore you because ___________.”

“You are such a sweetheart to everyone.”

“I love when your feminine side shows, which is often.”

You can touch her tenderly.

You can kiss her eyelids.

Think “romantic.” 

This is what feeling adored means to a woman.



On the other hand, when you want to make a woman feel “irresistibly sexy,” you have to communicate more base desires. . . more animalistic physical sensations.

“I’m so crazy about you. . .  I can’t stop thinking about having my way with you.” (this is VERY romantic to a sex-positive woman)

“Your body is hot, your face is gorgeous to me – you are so beautiful in this moment.”

“I love your luscious breasts, especially the size and the way your nipples are shaped.”

“You have perfect, suckable boobs.”

“All I have to do is flash a picture  in my mind of you in those stripper heels and my cock gets hard.”

That’s the kind of “irresistibly sexy” that a wide variety of women want to hear.

You’ll know how to “right size” it for your lady and tune to what gets a positive response.

Put your attention on creating these two feelings and if you think you’ve mastered the ability to co-create feelings of being adored and imminently fuckable in her and she shows you she wants you, then you might be the kind of lover who wants to ratchet up your ability to create amazing sensations in your woman with

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Do you want to be in the top 1% of all of the most sexually desirable men in the world? Even if you look like a munchkin and live in some weird town out in the boonies?

Do you want women lingering nearby, pedicured toe in the sand, hoping you’ll set your eye on her? The most beautiful women cozing up you to, inviting you over to their house to enjoy their conveniently located “guest room?”

Do you want hookers and models and starlets and Tantrikas and girls from your industry all wanting you to give them the orgasms that are so FIERCE they bust through that woman’s primal upper limit like a stiletto heel through a glass ceiling?

Then watch Major Mark get model after starlet to let go the most guttural orgasmic moans of pleasure as he talks them into loving him, loving him giving them the best pleasure they’ve ever felt. Telling him, under orgasmic hypnosis that he is the best lover they’ve ever had. And then he makes them come again.

And again.

And again.

And each time, while they are under hypnosis, they come with more gusto, more screaming, writhing…

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