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Why “Thank You” Is The Only True Option If You Want Her To Surrender To You

how to make make love to a woman

The master lover knows that soliciting and reacting to feedback is the way he truly pleasures a woman. Because every woman is different, emotionally, physically and spiritually, each requires different communication skills and lovemaking techniques to bring her to her full sexual potential.

There are many kinds of feedback including biofeedback, visual cues and verbal feedback and communication.

If you can make your lady feel safe telling you anything she needs to tell you (read, “Reporting In From My Animal” for more detail on this crucial concept) then you can get a super-charged feedback loop going with her that will allow you to satisfy her like no other lover.

When she can comfortably say ANYTHING to you, without using any manners, and you don’t take it personally, as a challenge to your skills, your sexual connection will skyrocket. Instead of feeling like you failed, you are eager for her feedback. And THANK YOU is the only response that works.

If you say, “Sorry,” you sound lame and childish.

Women want to be made love to by MEN, not babies who get their feelings hurt.

How many times is she going to tell you the TRUTH if you apologize when she gives you feedback?

If you say, “I know,” then you are just an insecure ass.

You simply CANNOT know. Because every day her body wants something new. A master lover knows that he never knows, and he luxuriates in discovering what her body wants today.

If you say, “Thank you,” then she knows you APPRECIATE her feedback and she’ll give you more.

The more you get, the better lover you are.

So just say, “Thank you,” and then give her “Two-Option Leading” choices.

Just watch how well this works.

Post a comment here on the blog once you’ve empowered your woman to give you everything she has in her brain as you make love to her.

Soon you will be a more masterful, more powerful, more sensual, more confident lover for her.

7 Responses

  1. I liked your teaching very much, as I’m putting it into work
    there is changes in my relationship life . Thanks a lot.

  2. T’was a surprising email to me but I found it informative for me to be more conscious of my relationship with new partners. Thanks you so much Keep on Keeping on!!!!

  3. Hi mrs. Susan i feel so lucky when I receive your email there’s always something new that I can get and apply to when I am with my wife thank you very much for making me become a better man.

  4. you’ve mentioned that “be her sexual trainer” can be modified to be used by the woman to train her man – does the guide go into how to modify the teachings for the woman-training-man scenario?

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